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The UNF Pacific Fleet is a naval fleet allied with the United Nations Forces.

Operation Gambit

In May 19, 2019, the Pacific Fleet was about to depart Tokyo in Japan when unknown UAVs flying towards the city's airspace. The United Nations immediately changed the assignment into an air defense operation and had 309 Squadron of Japan Air Self-Defense Force and hired Arrows Air Defense and Security to provide assistance. Omega and Reaper, the two teammates from Bone Arrow Squadron, arrived at the Tokyo's airspace and shoot down two Searchers. Then, the next wave of UAVs showed up with the MQ-90 Quox drones and the allies shoot them down as well. Lastly, the third wave of UAVs showed up on low altitude and attacking the city's residential areas and the allied fleet so the two squadrons shoot them down quickly to prevent further damage and the mission completed.

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