"If we succeed, this could be the tipping point that'll end the entire USEAn War."
Goodfellow commenting on Operation Bunker Shot

The USEAn War[1] is an ongoing conflict that began in August 2019, following the establishment of the USEA Federation. The war was fought between two factions, the United Nations, and the USEA Federation.

It was the main conflict featured in Ace Combat Infinity.[2]


In 1994, a large group of asteroids was discovered. These asteroids were created when Polyphemus struck the 1986VG1 Ulysses around Jupiter. These asteroids were on a direct collision course with Earth, the estimated amount of impacts neared the 10,000s. In response to the thread of impacts, multiple Stonehenge railgun networks were built across the globe. On July 1999, the asteroids began to strike the surface and despite the railgun network, catastrophic damage was caused to the world order.[3]

Wernher and Noah Enterprises stepped in and began creating jobs for many unemployed refugees in regions such as Iyuli. Their efforts created a surplus of aircraft which resulted in the creation of multiple mercenary forces. The effects of the impact would eventually give rise to the Sons of Troia terrorist organization.[3]

Prior to the establishment of USEA, the Sons of Troia kidnapped and executed the Greymen. They then ambushed the UN rescue forces with a captured Stonehenge Type-3.[4] The UN retaliated by launching Operation Crusher, where they would neutralize the railgun network.[5]

In August 2019, numerous terrorist attacks were carried out by the Sons of Troia. Under the command of Kacper Cohen; the terrorist group's leader, with the support of multiple nations, they reformed themselves as the independent "Federation of USEA". They quickly took over a huge portion of land on the Eurasian continent.[6]

The war[]

Far Eastern Front

A Ridgebacks member during Operation Override

The war began soon after the USEA Federation emerged, with the UN Security Council quickly taking actions to defend their lines. The United Nations launched Operation Override, a large scale campaign which would aim to break invade USEA controlled territory. The operation would take place in two areas, the Persian Gulf and the Far East. The UN was successful, however, sustained heavy losses in doing so.[7]

Following Operation Override, Operation Eternal Liberation was launched; a major campaign where many smaller operations would be carried out under. The first of which was Operation Point Blanc, where United Nations Forces were successful in preventing the USEA Federation from launching ICBMs.[8]

On May 1, 2020, squadrons of USEAn aircraft were spotted approaching Area B7R, Nevada. The UN responded with Operation Battle Axe, and scrambled fighters from their San Diego base to intercept. The UN were ultimately successful in their mission, but lost their Rapier and Javelin squadrons to a surprise attack from the Butterfly Master.[9]


Ulysses fragments striking UN forces

After the engagement over Area B7R, the UN staged a landing operation with to intent to liberate eastern Europe. Operation Bunker Shot was aimed to establish a beachhead on USEAn territory across the Adriatic Sea. During the battle, USEA utilized the OLDS to redirect fragments of Ulysses, which were still orbiting the Earth. The fragments caused heavy damage to the initial UN landing unit and completely wiped out the main invasion force behind them. Despite this, Goodfellow opted to continue the operation. After an arduous battle, the UN was victorious.[10]

Following Operation Bunker Shot, Operation Eternal Liberation was expanded to include operations deeper in USEA Federation territory. These would include Operation Whale Hunt, Operation Count Down and many others.[11]