"This is Olsen, your AWACS, callsign Keynote."
― Olsen to Phoenix on his first assignment during the 1998 Usean coup d'état

Ulrich Olsen was the commander of Scarface Squadron and served as the squadron's AWACS operator during the Usean coup d'état in 1998. In battle, he used the callsign "Keynote", though Slash would typically refer to him as "Pops".


In the wake of the Usean coup d'état in 1998, Olsen was in charge of commanding Scarface Squadron and served as their AWACS for the entire conflict, providing details on mission updates and upcoming battles.[1]

It is unknown whether he left the Usean Allied Forces after the war or not.


Olsen, though never fazed on the battlefield, is very gentle with his family.[2] He is always very optimistic in battle and is very confident with Phoenix's abilities as a pilot, having observed his actions during the insurrection at Skully Island.[1]



  • A "keynote" is a presentation intended to introduce and establish some underlying theme.
  • Olsen is the second character to be referred to as "Pops", after Wolfgang Buchner (as Peter N. Beagle when he received the nickname) in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


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