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The United Nations (UN) is an organization comprised of multiple governments whose purpose is to promote international cooperation between all of the world's nations. The UN's primary objectives include maintaining international security and providing humanitarian aid.

In the Infinity universe, the UN was likely one of the major sources of humanitarian aid immediately after the Ulysses Disaster. After the rise of multinational extremist groups in the late 2010s, the UN labeled these groups as terrorists and entered armed conflict against them.


After the Ulysses Disaster and the events that followed, the United Nations established a formal military branch, the United Nations Forces, to deal with conflicts around the globe. In addition, a program for private military contractors, the United Nations Independent Commando Services, was also established to assist in its operations.

UNICS hired a private military company named Arrows Air Defense and Security to assist in a number of operations under the command of the UNF. After Operation Override, the PMCs that provided help were disbanded and reformed under Task Force 118.


The United Nations is a large organization split into smaller sub-organizations, each of which fulfill the UN's various objectives.

  • UN General Assembly
  • UN Secretariat
  • International Court of Justice
  • UN Security Council
  • UN Economic and Social Council
  • UN Trusteeship Council

Its member states include the following countries:[1]


  • Controversy and criticism over the effectiveness of the UN exists in the real world and dates as far back as the 1970s, possibly even further to its founding in 1945. However, while proposals have existed, no concrete attempt to replace the United Nations, as the USEA Federation is attempting to do, has ever occurred in the real world.
  • The UN is briefly mentioned in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon promotional media as the organization that East African countries looked to for help during the SRN insurgency. The UN did not respond and instead turned the issue over to NATO.[2]


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