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The seal of the Army

The United States Army is the land warfare branch of the United States Armed Forces. Army Aviation also operates a significant number of helicopters. It was formed on June 14, 1775 and currently has an estimated 549,015 active personnel. The United States Army appears in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as one of the playable factions.


In the Assault Horizon universe, the Army contributed personnel and equipment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Task Force 108, a multinational military force intended to combat the potent SRN insurgency in East Africa. The main contributions were helicopter squadrons headed by Captain Doug Robinson, which were responsible for engaging insurgent ground forces, conducting Search & Rescue, and supporting Special Operations missions, especially Delta Force troopers and their counterparts, Navy SEALs.

During the New Russian Federation uprising, the same helicopter units provided air support for Russian Loyalists during the retaking of Moscow.

During Andrei Markov's attack on Washington, D.C., United States Army Air Defense units partook in defense of the capital, despite suffering casualties when a Tu-160 Blackjack crashed into one of their batteries.