• I live in Oured Osea
  • My occupation is ADF-01F Test pilot
  • I am Male

"Be creative in what you do in life for you only got one missile to prove it"- Me

My favorite pages and Auto Biography

Well, hello there and welcome to my page. There is my intro. . .

NOT! XD. Okay, really thanks for taking the time to read or rush through this autobiograhy. Well since I don't trust to give out were I REALLY live. I put Oured, Osea sounds famliar to you? It should okay? Okay, I have played all ace combats starting with Zero (yes I like to go in numerical order, just the numbers freak I am) and I have to say the JP version of Electrosphere is the best, mostly because it had a huge story lines, every plane was a super plane (well maybe not becuase that have might have been the standard then) and most of all the futuristic theme of it. Zero is a close second, because of the easter eggs and WWII theme style (just with modern planes and some superplanes of course!) The music of Ace Combat is unrivaled you could basically tell a story in sounds now thats LIKE A BO$$. So, down to the cheese I have lived on earth for 15 years I was born on the war 15 years ago *cough Belkan War cough* sorry I had dust in throat. Now I make a living flying ADF-01F Falkens. Don't you dare say I too young to do that as my wit rivals Hirose (in which I don't even know XD). I am partially the forseeable the future. I hate Belka with a buring passion those srqeuills (yes I talk like a hypocrite). I am not a master at ace combat, but I could challenge Mr. Kono wait no. Wait ARE YOU READING MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY! YAY! I thank you for the time in reading this stated above! Likes

  • Hot weather
  • Music
  • Cold weather
  • Silence
  • Loudness
  • Solotiude
  • Social Stuff

I am the opposite side of the same coin, I am the Dei Aguns, I am the Round Table of the Demon, I am, Reaper's Grim, I am called Decipher as well as siuboM, I love Pixy games INC. I support A World With No Homework Boundaries. I am the Fighter Ribbon. I wake up at ZERO AM on a leap year every three years. I get mad when I calm down. I have a Birdark (what ever that is) You have must figure out the Cipher provided by Mobius because he Blaze his feet on the Edge of a Chopper while an Archer sits with a Swordsman in a Yellow sunset on a 13th because a guy with a Scarface loves a Phenoix and a Garuda because they Windhover the wind, because you are trying figure out what is the difference between a Pasternak and Voychek. While someone with some Guts moves his Bishop to take out his King. The man throws the chessboard where it is eaten by a Akula while a Warwolf dives for it armed with a Razor and Spooky cloth, While a Falken battles a Night Raven in the skies. The Delphinus Dolphins dive back into the water, while hitting a Chandelier next to a Megalith and Stonehenge stand tall against a man named Ulysses MCMXCIV

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