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Actually just Calamitous, but the name was taken :P

Played a cool plane game back in the day by the name of Ace Combat 5. Now I'm editing the lore repository of Acepedia and making mods for AC7. Shows ya how far you come, huh?

Avid skin modder for AC7. My works include:

Mihaly livery for the ADF-11F Raven

Scinfaxi color scheme for the Alicorn

Mod Eagle Gray livery for the ADFX-01 Morgan

Alect Squadron livery for the ADF-11F Raven

X-02 Knight color scheme for the ADFX-01 Morgan

Mod Eagle Gray livery for the X-02S Strike Wyvern

Portrait Remaster Mod, which, well, remasters all the radio portraits from AC7.

AC Games played:

Ace Combat 2 Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Ace Combat 3D: Assault Horizon Legacy Ace Combat: Joint Assault Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Also the creator of the True Canon Pack, a massive AC7 skin modpack that adds details to the NPCs of AC7 and who's goal is to remaster EVERY NPC skin with player and NPC replacement versions. Will be released in waves, and will include:

Wave 1 (Released): Rafale M -SACS-

Wave 2 (Released): Trigger Pack (F-16C Mage, F-16C Spare, F-15C Strider, F-22A Strider)

Wave 3 (Released): Osean Air Defense Force Pack (F-35C Salamander, F-16C Drake, P-1A Specter, E/A-18G and F/A-18F Enchanter, F/A-18F Banshee (original name, squadron that defended Specter Squadron during SP03))

Wave 4 (Unreleased, close to done): LRSSG Pack (Count, Wiseman, Lanza, Huxian, Skald, Fencer, Jaeger, Tailor)

Wave 5 (Unreleased): Spare Squadron Pack (Su-33 Count, F/A-18F Full Band, Mirage 2000 Tabloid, MiG-29A Champ, F-16C High Roller, F-16C Spare and F/A-18F Spare)

Wave 6 (Unreleased, WIP): IUN-PKF Pack (F-16C Clown, F/A-18Fs Knocker, Brownie, Boggard, Footpad, F-16C Skeleton, F-14D Gargoyle, Typhoon -Rot 2019-, Rafale -???-)

Wave 7 (Unreleased): Erusean Air Force Part 1 Pack (MQ-99, Tu-95 Noli, F-4E Glamrock, Su-57 Sigurd, MiG-31 Hrotti)

Wave 8 (Unreleased): Erusean Air Force Part 2 Pack (All named aces)

Wave 9 (Unreleased): Sol Squadron Pack (Su-30SM Mihaly, X-02S Mihaly, Su-30M2 Sols 2-5)

Wave 10 (Unreleased, done): Mimic Pack (Su-47s Rage and Scream)

Wave 11 (Unreleased): ISEV Pack (Arsenal Bird, MQ-101)

Wave 12 (Unreleased): Alicorn Pack (Alicorn)

Wave 13 (Unreleased): ZOE Pack (ADFX-10, ADF-11F)

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