• I was born on June 8
  • I am male

X-02 performing preflight checks

I'm an American of Puerto Rican decent and have played all ace combat games execept for AC3 as i found it's premise dull and a rip off of roller ball only with planes. My favorite of the series is Ace Combat Zero the Belkan war. i love blowing up Migs Sukhois and the Black Eagle tanks

Pilot Information

Residence- abandoned island Ocean Air Defense Force base.

Squadron: Hellcat

Squadron position: Leader's Wingman

Rank: Lieutenat

5 Favorite Planes real world

1. F-22A

2. F-16C Block 50

3. F-2A

4. Su-37 terminator

5. Su-47 berkut

Top 5 AC planes

1. ADF-01A and ADF-01F Falken Variants

2.CFA-44 Nosferatu


4.ADFX-01 Morgan/ADFX-02,Variants


Favorite Kills

1top notch aces

2.Tanks preferably T-80s and Black eagles

3.using an ADMM to wipe out a fleet of ships


The Belkan War

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