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About me, Freckle!

I have Ace combat 3 Electrosphere. Have finished the game completely, including A rank on all missions and difficulties.

Have also finished Ace combat Zero: The Belkan War. unlocked the ADFX01-Falken and the "Morgan". Finished the game on every difficulty and unlock and bought every plane in the game.

I have finished Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder on normal and hard.

I have also finished Ace Combat 5: Squadron Leader. I have completed Ace Combat: Joint Assault on all difficulties, have bought the X-02 Wyvern and the ADFX-01 FALKEN.

I am the leader of the Jevla squadron. Jevla 1.

The planes the Jevla Squadron consists of are:

Members of the Jevla squadron

Jevla 1 - X-02 Wyvern (Freckle)

Jevla 2 - S-32 (Jevla 2)

Jevla 3 - S-32 (Striker)

Jevla 4 - Su-47 Berkut (Thustmaster)

Jevla 5 - Su-47 Berkut (Nightsoul22)

Jevla 6 -

Jevla 7 -

2X - Su-47 Berkut

1X - S-32

We need more members for the squadron! So far there is only me and Jevla 2. There are 3 positions left, Jevla 2 flies one of the S-32s.

I am the leader, I fly the X02-Wyvern.

'If your interested in joining please leave your wiki username underneath here.T'ype in what plane you would like to fly and I will get back to you ASAP. I will add you to the list

Names Here: Striker. I would like to join!

Thrustmaster. i wanna join too

Can i join? Nightsoul22

I am Jevla 2 and we really would like it if we made our squadron bigger. I am Freckles closest

Can I be Jevla 6? F-14A Solowing106 22:46, April 26, 2012 (UTC) I don't think it will be any time soon

F-22 shooting down Su-33 over Miami
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