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My favourite pages

  • X-49 Night Raven
    Ninox 2's Death


  • XFA-27

    My F-22C Raptor II in action

My AC Experience

I have beaten ACX on all difficulties and shot down all aces, got all colours and can shoot down all Alect Fenrirs in a few seconds! Here's how. Use a Fenrir and equip it with the LSWM. Fire at one Fenrir when close to him and you should destroy all of them. Sometimes he might evade so it may not always hit.I also have beaten ACX2 on Ace Difficulty, beaten Ace of Aces in Ace, beaten Ace Combat Zero on Ace, beaten The Gauntlet in the F-5E, completed Ace Combat Zero's Assault Records, beaten Ace Combat 5 on Very Easy, and beaten Ace Combat 04 on Very Easy. A tip for beating Mobius 1 on The Gauntlet is to TLS him as soon as he is in sight. It's not hard.

Stupid Mistakes in my AC Experience

  • Wiping out Port Patterson with an LSWM!
  • Crashing into the Gleipnir in a F-16C!
  • Slamming into the tanker while refueling.
  • Flying through Spiridus' bi-wings,only for it to turn a little and crash into the bottom wing!
  • Trying to land vertically, only to crash!
  • Crashing into a BM-335 during mission 12S in Ace Combat Zero!
  • Flying into the tunnel the V2 is in using a F-20A in mission 18 Free Flight on Ace Combat Zero (it's possible, look near the airbase at Avalon Dam and you should see a vertical tunnel with a spike at the bottom, try to fly into it. It's (not) that easy (I'm not sure if it was the V2 I crashed into).
  • Charging head on at Orgoi!
  • Crashing into Heartbreak One in mission 2 of Ace Combat 5!
  • Crashing into AWACS Canopus in mission 1 of Ace Combat X2!
  • Slamming into Generator 1 (the one that's right in front of you in the tunnel) of Megalith in AC04!
  • Crashing into the Kestrel in Ace Combat 5!
  • Flying head-first into an enemy missile on ACZ.

Feel free to comment on my stupid mistakes.

About Me

I also edit the Ratchet and Clank Wiki. I'm trying to form a Galm Squadron, with 2 pilots. The roster is:

Galm One:Me.I fly a F-15C, a Falken and all listed in the factfile.

Galm Two:Looking for someone to fill here. Flies an F-15C (changes per user's preference).

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