Hornets. Don't let them sting you in the ass!" - Anonymous Soldier

My name is Brian. I am not a very a good person, negative and cold blooded, I am not proud of myself. I am trying to improve my life.

Here, at Acepedia, people know me as a bad person. Recently, Protostealth got mad at me because I started a plane called the X-57 Shikamura. Everyone noticed it, even some contributors. Protostalth knew I violated the No Fanfiction Rule, and he deleted the page. I got very mad, as it is visible on Proto's talk page. I said sorry and now I created a wiki called Airplanelist. That wiki is just about airplanes- nothing else. The wiki is deserted, sometimes I want to delete it- but I have hope. Hope that site would be successful... like Acepedia. Well, now I am just thinking, thinking how bad I am and knowing I might not deserve to be in Acepedia's presence.

My favorite page

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