General Wild Dog

aka とある古いハリネズミ

  • I live in Beijing
  • My occupation is An active editor of EVA Database (sort of)
  • I am Male

About My Username

My username is inspired from "Time Crisis", another crowning video game franchise released by Namco alongside epic "ACE Combat". And I use same name for my Youtube account. Unfortunately, the Communist Party of China doesn't like Youtube, so I only can access it while staying in foreign lands.

A Life with ACE Combats

Had already heard reputation of ACE Combat for years, thanks for the promotion of certain video game magazines in China, but I was very poor during those years, and could not afford any mainstream consoles. Until that fateful day, I went to fix my damaged PSP, but the shop just made it worse. "I told you to repair it not to impair it!" As I shouted, the shop compensated me "ACE Combat X", a beautiful new world opened to me since then. I believe it is destiny that I meet ACE Combat and fall in love with it.

Despite years serving in ACE Air Force, I'm still a mere "expert" pilot and are parsecs from being an "ace" or "tatsujin". So I always tell my fellow pilots: "If you want to know how to stay alive, I can give suggestions. But if you want to know how to get all S-Rank at highest difficulty, sorry I can't help."

Currently I'm writing fanfics of ACE Combat games and working on scanning and sharing official publications of ACE Combat games (official guide books). However due to lack of budget and lack of time, I only can scan and share one book per three, even four months.

My favorite pages

The Unsung ACES Slowly ongoing fanfic based on ACE Combat 5: The Unsung War, I'm rewriting the story by my own way.

Official Guide Book of ACE Combat 6 Scanned and shared by me, if you're on any projects of fan-fiction or fan-art regarding ACE Combat 6, or simply get stuck on some point of gameplay, come here and grab this book, it helps.

ACE Combat:Ikaros in the Sky Scanned and shared by me, the very first official-authorized novelization of ACE Combat. Too bad it is not based on continuity of Planet Strangereal.

Last, but not the least, my Base of Operation.

Future Plans

  • Fanfiction about ACE Combat 6: Fires to Liberation, fanfiction about ACE Combat X: Skies of Deception, fanfiction about ACE Combat 04: Shattered Skies, also a grand crossover of ACE Combat with other franchises. Wish I can finish them in my life time.
  • Scanning and sharing following books (in order):
  1. ACE Combat Assault Horizon Master Guide
  2. ACE Combat 5: The Unsung War Official Guide Book
  3. ACE Combat 04: Shattered Skies Perfect Guide
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