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The Name is Kristopher, I've played Ace Combat since i was 12, and have always been a Military and Weapons Enthuisast. Ive beaten all of the games with the exception of Joint Assault. I've beaten and played all of the games on Hard, Expert or Ace. with the exception of 3 (i played that on normal.) I wanted to join the Air Force as a kid, ever since i was a kid i've loved aircraft. especially fighters and Attack planes. World War II era fighters and bombers were a big thing for me for a while (alongside Pokemon but thats for another day) favorites being the P-51D, P-47D, B-24, Typhoon, P-38J, and FW.190. I got my picture taken in a B-25 at an airshow and in same year saw a pair of A-10s fly over my house. It just made my passion to learn about fighters and bombers more intense. i loved the sounds, weapons and stories attached to them. I had a collection of models and die cast back then as well, One of the planes I wanted fly was the F-16C fighting falcon, its a versitile, light weight fighter and I would give anything to pilot one as a kid even now. I wanted to Dog fight, I wanted to become an Ace, the F-16C is one of the best in my opinion and will always be.Template:Undefined

However, at 14 i was diagnosed with a high functioning Autism known as Aspergers. and at 16 i found out that my Diagnosis would restrict me to a desk Job. So with that, I decided to redirect my passion into Video Games, Books, and one Day Creating an Air Combat Game of my own that features over 100 different planes and 60 missions. and i hope as i go through College with my Animation and 3D modeling corses i will make that idea a reality. with that said Im also very knowledgeable on Small arms, Armored Vehicles, Helicopters and History (another passion of mine since i was 6.). And yes if you didnt gather from my user name, I am also a rabid anime and Manga fan as well. Hellsing, Gungrave, Gundam Wing, Trigun, Zombiepowder,Macross. you get the idea. Catgirl painted on my F-16 or F-2A someday in a video game or program. haha.


F-16C Fighting Falcon

F-16XFU Gyrfalcon

F-16C "Block 60"

F-15C Eagle

SU-35 "Super Flanker"

J-10 "Vigorous Dragon"


P-51D Mustang

P-38J Lighting

F-2A "Viper-Zero"

P-47N Thunderbolt

F-22C Raptor II

XFA-36A Game

AIDC "Ching Kuo"


76th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1st Air Division "Midnight"

22nd Air Defense Squadron, 132nd Air Division "Kitsune"

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Yahoo: Otakuz66

Favorite Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Funker Vogt, Korn

and should sum it up.

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