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About Me

I am the son of a doctor and stay at home mother. The first Ace Combat game I got was Ace Combat 04, which I started playing when I was seven years old. However, due to my inexperience at videogames back then, the first Ace Combat game I played coherently was Ace Combat 5, which I got in for my birthday in fifth grade, a year after it came out. Then, upon realizing the connection between AC5 and ACO4, (yeah, I was that pathetic) I became obsessed with the Ace Combat series, and got Ace Combat Zero, Ace Combat X the day it came out, and I preordered Ace Combat 6, which was the deciding factor about whether or not to get an Xbox 360. My name is Sarathi Sarkar, and to be honest, there are more pronunciations of it than there are letters in the name.

My Faves

My favorite characters are Yellow Jacket, Avalanche, and Snake Pit from AC6, and Pixy from ACZ.

My favorite real world planes are the F-15E Strike Eagle, the SU-37 Terminator, the F-35 Lightning II, the AC-130U Spooky gunship, and the F-14 Tomcat.

My favorite real world helicopters are the MH-60L Blackhawk DAP, MH-60K, MH-47E Chinook, and AH-64D Apache Longbow.

I like playing Ace Combat (DUH!!), Halo (not really online, but I like the storyline), Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 and 2, the various Modern Warfare games, Ghost Recon, EndWar, Battlefield, and pretty much anything involving modern military tech.

I also like reading, making models of military vehicles and planes, and watching TV.

My favorite style of music is rock/alternative rock/metal. My favorite artist/band is Linkin Park.

My favorite rock song: anything by Linkin Park

My favorite Hip Hop song: I have no idea.

I greatly dislike the R&B, Country, and classical genres, so I don't have favorites in those.


Name: Sarathi "Sharky" Sarkar

Squadron: 456th Multinational Fighter Wing 'Basilisk'

Motto: I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!

AC Nationality: Emmerian

Rank: Lt. Colonel

Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle, F-14 Tomcat, Tornado GR.4, A-10A, F/A-18F, F-35B Lightning II

Bio: >>To be added<<

The End
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