War Eagles!!!
Silber 6

A F-22A flown by the 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron

Who I've Flown With None
About Me

Born in New York City on April 2, 1991.
Parents are from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.
Moved to Tuskegee, AL on June 5, 2005, then moved to Auburn, AL August 7, 2006. I've lived in Auburn ever since.
I'm a Junior at Auburn High School.
Fan of Ace Combat since 1995!

My Favorites

Favorite Teams:
Football: New York Giants, New York Jets
Basketball: New York Knicks, Miami Heat
Baseball: Boston Red Sox, New York Mets
College Football: Auburn Tigers, Virginia Tech Hokies, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
College Basketball: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Favorite Planes: F-14D Super Tomcat, F-20A Tigershark, F-22A Raprtor

Favorite Music: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jazz

Ace Combat Character

Name: Kevin A. McIntosh

Squadron: Razgriz Air Divison, 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron "Ghosts" Squadron Leader

Motto: None.

AC Nationality: Emmerian-Osean

REAF Rank: Captain

Aircraft: F-22A, F-14D, Typhoon

Bio: Born on April, 2, 1991 in San Loma, Emmeria, moved to Redmill, Osea on May 20,1998. Joined the JROTC at Old Apito High School in Redmill. Later went to the Air Force ROTC in the University of Saint Hewlett in 2009, drafted for military service at the outbreak of the Circum-Pacific War in 2010, and served in many battles of the Yuktobanian Coastal Campaign. Joined the razgriz Air Division shortly thereafter.

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