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Ace Combat

Before I go on, I would like to point out that these are opinions and are not necessarily true. They are listed in order of my playthrough, not from best to worst.

  • AC04: Pretty good, kind of a straightforward storyline. Mission 14 WAS a nuke.  I have all planes save for the wyvern. How does ONE HUMAN win a whole war?
  • ACX: Same as AC04, way cooler planes. First Wyvern experience, first futuristic game, first handheld, etc. The wingmen are way too OP, though. Superhumans in the cockpit again.
  • AC5: Awesome storyline, more intense tunnels, wider plane variety, though not the country I'd wanna fight for. Level 15, needs more briefing info. RIP Old flight data, you will be missed.
  • ACZ: AWESOME, THE BEST. Pixy was the the only wingmen (maybe aside from Bartlett) that actually fought instead of taked. Too bad he had to go and get replaced by PJ, of all people. ADFX-01/02 is my plane of choice.  Awesome soundtrack, Hi-Def cutscenes. Plus, in beginning cutscene, my home (see, it does exist). They should have had Richard Wagner's Ride of The Valkryies in level 15.
  • AC6: Pretty good. The image quality was awesome. Allied support=all Emmerian missiles flying towards one target. Frontline takeoffs add to the game's realism. Chandelier was cool. xSams suck.
  • AC:AH: At the time, cool. In retrospect, it's SO cliche. I think I speak the obvious thought that's on everyone's mind: CRA SUCKS. I prefer shooting at pixels and trying my luck rather than pressing the bumpers together and downing the enemy with a single bullet. The helicopters are a good step forward in terms of imagination, but something feels off. That, along with the AC-130 and door gunner part, feels too much like Call of Duty. The bomber part was pretty cool. And then there's that campaign, my oh my. The character development and the warring factions are something we've all seen too many times before. Underground spy plot, search for revenge, US vs Russia, nuke threatens White House bit is blown up at last second by a bullet in slo-mo...
  • Ace Style: Mercenary
  • Hardest enemy ace squad: Schwarze Team (also the best enemy ace squad)
  • Favorite tunnel: The one in Sudentor
  • Favorite mission: Either Mayhem, Whiskey Corridor, or Final Option.
  • Flying style: Real


To do list

  • Operation: Operations 
  • Expand Strangereal as much as possible


  • "It's time to kick the tires and light the fires!" -Independence day
  • "Chopper to Archer. Are you sure that's not your own suit you're smelling?" -Alvin Davenport
  • "A nation is comprised of the individuals that live within its borders, and it can only become a nation when it is supported by those individuals." -Detlef Fleisher
  • "A fight does not end until one side is completely dead!" -Patrick James Beckett
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