aka Zining

  • I live in Yulin, Guangxi, China (currently studying at RMIT University, Melbourne for aerospace engineering)
  • I was born on June 6
  • I am Male

Studied AC since 2014, somehow ended up with the top score in the Aerospace subject of Balmoral SHS of Brisbane in 2018 and now in RMIT for a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering...

My AC Skins

F-15C MN #202, OADF 142nd TFS, Circa 2010 McNealy Air Force Base

F-14D #244, OMDF Ceres Missile Test Center

Other Head-Canon Liveries that hasn't been made into skins

MiG-29SMT #071, FEAF 171st TFS, Circa 2005

Su-27SM, FEAF 172nd TFS Circa 2005

F-16F GM #014, REAF 8th Air Division 14th FS "Merlin", Circa 2015 Gracemeria Air Force Base

F-15SE SC #020, AAF Elanus Squadron, Circa 2020 Sachana Air Base

JF-17 #23, EAF Fighter Weapons School Cincia Squadron (trainee unit), Circa 2018

JZ-8F #801, BAF 18th Air Division 8th TFS "Speer", Circa 1995

T-50 #080, EASA Test Aircraft, later transferred to EAF Fighter Weapons School as an aggressor unit

F-4 #092, OMDF Ceres Missile Test Center

AC Games Played

AC fan behaviors that I dislike

I do have a strong antipathy towards some ridiculous dudes in AC community. Namely an admin of a FB AC group who refereed himself with "Mobius 1" back in 2016 (left that group since then), and his crap of "I am American so MB1 is Osean Mercenary in ISAF". What kind of arrogant idiot is that???

Plus those who ignores the lore even in fanfics, e.g. those who says "OADF isn't Defense before Belkan War" and made up an OAF&ON. There's zero official evidence of that, OADF has that Defense term back in BW. Go play some Persian Golf campaigns if you are so US-stereotyped.

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