Hello, I am a BIG fan of Ace Combat games (I only had one problem with Ace Combat 6 and that was the amount of missions, I mean there was only 15! OMG! In Ace Combat: Squadron Leader there was 32-33 missions!)

"Your the ones who built the SOLG to use against us! And now your sitting under your own dagger! Taste the irony!"
― Grabacr Squadron pilot
"Engage the enemy at will following Nimbus impact, finish them off!"
Lt. Col Voychek (Strigon 1) during the Invasion of Gracemeria
"You shall fall to your deaths and make way for the SOLG as it smashes into the earth!"
― Grabacr Squadron pilot
"Im gonna take a Belkan nuke and terrorise both sides into ending this foolish war, DONT GET IN MY WAY!"
Hamilton, a Grabacr Aggressor
"We arent relics from 15 years ago, this hatred burns flesh within us!"
― A Belkan during the final dogfight of the Circum-Pacific War
"Dont think you've won this! This isnt over yet!"
― A Belkan after getting shot down
"Scramble and ace those bogies!"
― A line from the mission briefing of Mission 2: Fighter Superiority
"Ofnir, Grabacr, you're hatred is slowing you down!"
Kei "Edge" Nagase
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