OK so yeah XD if AC7 does come out I will wanted to some thing like this.

You choose your ace Ex Garuda Mobius Cipher Blaze etc.

Or you can create your own ace.The story goes that Osea begans to invade Estovakia because of resources and weak miltary state. Other nations appalled at this decide to revive the Aces they call all aces from Scarface to Mobius One. All of them land in the area of B7R. Blaze defected to ACES squadron. After careful choosing it has been decided that Mobius One should lead the counter attack. (If not Mobius One) Mobius one steps down from the offer and lets Cipher be the Squadron leader (This contuines till it reaches you). You automattically say yes. Soon after Osean Forces reach B7R. You have to choose the plane that the Ace flies in if Mobius or Gyphus one you have access to all F-22 series. Cipher or Garuda Have access to all of the F-15s and if your Scarface or Antaers one you have access to all of the Flanker series. The Aces must protect Estovakia from attack after many attacks "13 Missions" You begin the counter-attack this where your Ace plays as a general in which area to invade first. Mobius one is the hardest and most Air to Air missions but encounters the most aerial fortresses. To Garuda's mostly Air to Ground missions which are the hardest of the ground mission but covers more ground. Cipher's path encounters the most emeny aces. Blaze's path is the most tragic and mentally straining. Gyphus is the easiest of all mostly a mix between. At the end of the paths the must defated Varisel Squadron defending Oured piolting the ASF-02A Falken II. Mobius will encounter four while Garuda will encounter one ASF-02A. After deafeating the Varisel Squadron they then find a superweapon of mass destruction it is ever single ground super weapon once it is destoryed then game is beaten. (a little rough I know -_-)

The superfighter is the ASF-02A Falken II it is a ADF-01F with the Fenrir in it while it can use its expermential technologies. Defeat Varisel on Diffculty Ace and Ace Mobius to unlock the ASF-02A for 1,230,000 credits its weapon are. With the combination of the Fenrir and the Falken this deadly jet is most useful against any foe the Falken II beats any plane over the market even the X-03 Dragon. And the X-03 Dragon defense has been bolster while Air to Air has been decrease and air arms are replaced by extra ground arms. Thus the Dragon is the Ground Attack version of the Wyvern. The Falken I and the Fenrir plus the X-02 make a return. The ADFX-01 is selectedable if beaten the campagin the FIRST time with Cipher. X-02 will be unlockable if one plays as mobius one 100 times the Fenrir is selectalbe if one shoots down Varisel one in 20 seconds. The Falken is obtainable after the story mode is beat once (Normal or higher)

ASF-01A Falken II

2x T.L.S

3x Full LSWM

10x Burst Missiles

1x OSL. (unlocked getting S on Mission 19)


100 ground attack

100 air attack

50 in stabilty (the High does not lock)

20 in Turning

99 in speed

Yeah, I am a story writer I might do something with this

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