Alright, I'm going out on several limbs at once here, as with all conglomerates of circumstantial evidence, but it's at least interesting to consider. We'll not know until the game is released and played through, as with all future release games and stories. Myself, I have a habit of subconsciously piecing together data clusters and sometimes interesting coincidences come to mind for me and I'll look into it out of curiosity. In this case, I thought this was really neat. The mobius ribbon is,... well, a much prettier play on this mathematical figure of sorts. And, of course, it's silhouette(SP) forms the shape of the lying infinity figure eight from many angles of view at it. We're all aware of the many legends going along, and utilizing, the the idea of infinity. As for legends going alone with the mobius strip outside the obvious ones with the mobius ribbon, I don't know, so I also don't know if any have been utilized within the plot of the Ace Combat franchise.

Us Ace Combat fans are very familiar with the high tech feel of the briefings in most of the games. Very, very few soldiers will ever encounter briefings with HUD glass with 3D emulations of the terrain they will be near, and the like. I haven't played all the games yet (getting there though), so maybe there's one or two others like the following: Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the only game in the series in which none of the played characters very clearly not the 'silent protagonist' types. Alongside that, the briefings are much more realistic (Although I can't say the same about the attrition regulations throughout the gameplay. A majority of the firefights you go through in the game are completely out of bounds.)

Consider the influences nearly every silent protagonist has had. They were the lone units who allowed their organization to thoroughly take control. Their organizations gave them orders, but ultimately were the ones following after silent protagonists via the paths they paved. Going off my previous mentioning of Assault Horizon, consider how little influence essentially everybody in that NATO unit had. They were the lead force, but they were in immense struggle nearly the whole way, and were used and abused by both the enemy they knew and an enemy both the NATO unit and the NRF would ultimately find they should have shared, but never knew. It was a story of the tragedies wartime soldiers go through, and an a means of looking in at the many ways they rationalize through it. Even the war itself had little effect on any more than isolated historical areas. Societal influence was minimal and even technological progress was minimal to the point it would have progressed just as much if the war never happened. While the game tells the story of something of minor influence, no silent protagonists were involved.

The scenario I believe is a possibility for the storytelling of Ace Combat Infnity: it's a retcon of sorts for many of the games, but in the sense of a collective plot twist whch has effect only on this, and future, installments. Mobius One, Galm One, Scarface One (AKA Phoenix), Wardog One (AKA Razgriz One. AKA Blaze), and the rest of our favorite silent protagonists share something outside of their silence, their IMMENSE influence on history. If they were not there, EVERYTHING in the history books would be much different, as well as the future. Something else they share is generally having been unknown, and essentially miraculously becoming key influence to anything and everything. Watch through the teaser videos and the flow of speech with how they say what they say.

Hyper advanced interversal police force, much? As for what business an interversal police force would have with so often dabbling in Earth and Strangereal, there's countless things which it could be. Self preservation such as calculations showing a viable enemy to their peace keeping operations would form in Strangereal, as well as Earth, without their clever dabbling amongst the timeline of the planets, for example. Or perhaps a selfless preservation of the societies of these planets themselves, as to serve and protect. Countless times, Strangereal's societies would have consumed themselves if not for the silent protagonists' prowess neutralizing the wars.

Not asking for confirmation or to come at me and tear apart my theory; I enjoy formulating new theories in understanding even the world of fiction, and I thought I'd share this theory. We'll see when it's out, and I don't mind either way given the gameplay looks OHGODAMAZINGPLEASEYES

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