I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. Ace Combat 6 and Assault Horizon were I personally think were massive faluires in terms of story and gameplay. The following is what I think could make an awsome AC game just like its earlier predecessors. I have placed this story line in the Verusian continent and the main country is The Republic of Sotoa. Sotoa has been through a terrible six-year-long civil war and now is getting back on its feet. It has been three years since the war has ended and the current year 2008. The war left the nation crippled with widespread unemployment. This unemployment in earlier years had forced the people to sign up in the military. Sotoa is now fairly peaceful with the people living in harmony and new natural resources have also been discovered such as wheat, oil and coal. But there is only one problem; Sotoa is out of open land to put up its industries so that they can exploit their new resources. The population has increased by a lot in recent years; there are cities everywhere and all of the flat, useable land has been occupied by power houses that generate electricity for the highly populated cities. The rest is covered by hills or swamps.

A few hundred kilometers south-west of Sotoa is an island called Shahniyal (you can see it on the map but ihave named it). It’s size approximately 1/3rdof that of Sotoa and is thinly populated. The people are mostly very well educated farmers and small time businessmen. It only resource is its fertile soil. There is no type of a government whatsoever and it’s military consists of a few hundred volunteers with very basic armaments (a few gunboats, some AA units and World War II style aircraft to support the surface forces and one airstrip). The main threat to Shahniyal is the one that comes from the Daneeri pirates. The pirates are always planning to capture the island and use it as their land base and home. But there is one thing Shahniyal has that Sotoa needs desperately; wide open land, perfectly flat and solid, very suitable for setting up industries.

The player in this game is the number three of the Desht (rain in Czech) Squadron which is a five plane squadron, one of the three main ace squadrons of Sotoa. He is an obedient and a disciplined soldier. Young, athletic and married to the mother of his three month old daughter.

The wide open, virgin lands of Shahniyal attract the attention of the Sotoan government. They make a plan to annex the island and the soft nature of the Shahniyalese people raises their hopes of success even more. Three weeks after the signing of the offensive campaign the amphibious armed forces of Sotoa are given the go-ahead by their government. The player along with his squadron escorts the naval forces and make sure that there are no aerial threats and upon reaching the island they find none. The Shahniyalese forces too ill equipped to stand up to a proper naval fleet surrenders peacefully with only a few casualties.

Out in the sea the news reaches the Daneeri pirates and they respond to this annexation of Shahniyal as the “stealing of their rightful land”. They launch a full on offensive against the occupying Sotoan forces. In the next mission the Desht squadron along with three armed hovercraft and a frigate from the Sotoan navy face the pirates. They suffer a humiliating defeat but manage to keep the pirates at bay. The reason for the defeat is that during the Sotoan civil war a lot of high ranking naval officers had showed cowardice and had attempted to defect from the country and travel north to the corona islands (on the map a few hundred kilometers from the west most point of the Yuktobania but I have named them) but without any proper resources and little remaining fuel they had gotten stranded in half way and ultimately fell prey to the pirates. The pirates had killed the officers on board and after looting the weapons had sunk the ships.

With this massive threat staring them in the face the Sotoan government decides to get rid of the pirates and order the naval high command to launch an operation to eliminate the pirates. The next six missions the player and his squadron along with two other, slightly less reputed squadrons go off on sortie to escort and support their navy.

Finally the pirate menace is gotten rid of but at a very high cost; the Sotoan navy loses a lot of its ships and the player’s flight leader also goes MIA after his plane is hit by a 80mm AA shell. Then the government again shifts its attention back to Shahniyal. They discuss the plans to set up industries and as it happens it gets proved that the farmland and small towns of the island are a great hindrance in the way of the industrial set up. The governmental higher ups decide to clear out the land and the napalm bombings begin. At first the player with his squadron are told to be escort the bombers but in the next mission the Desht Squadron themselves are deployed to bombard cities. Two missions following this one the player feels a bitterness in his heart. After some soul searching he finds out that the source of this bitterness comes from the bombings. He suddenly realizes that he is killing innocents because greedy government higher ups are telling him to. He contacts the other flight leaders and they too feel the same way. They all gather around in the base’s cafeteria and decide they will pull a coupe and attempt to stop these inhuman bombings. In the next mission they all unanimously disobey orders for bombardment. Some words are exchanged but the situation quickly gets out of hand and the mutineers flee but in attempting to one their comrades is shot down and killed by one of the other planes they are flying with. The mutineers escape to the one and only airstrip which is situated on the west most point of Shahniyal, which is yet to be occupied. Naturally the locals don’t welcome them but they somehow manage to convince them that the “runaway Sotoans” were there to save them. They use the radio station to broadcast their intentions and views and try to tell the Sotoans that what they are doing is wrong but their words fall on deaf ears and the bombings proceed. Ultimately the traitors are forced to shoot down those whom they once flew with.

But at the same time the broadcast radio messages reach the people of Sotoa and they come to know what is going on as the government had kept them in the dark up till now. This sparks massive protests all across the country. NGOs establish a non-war organization. Fearing another violent anti-government upheaval the politicians halt the bombings and order the naval amphibious forces in Shahniyal to retreat.

The Shahniyalese people boast the “runaway Sotoans” as their heroes. The traitors are allowed to set foot on home ground, trialed in court and are relieved from their duties without any benefits, the people of Sotoa protest to this and the mutineers are given their rightful benefits. To the government the “runaway Sotoans” always remained as those who failed their plans but to the people they remained the heroes until the day they died and beyond. Statues were erected in their honor in the Sotoan capitol.

I hope you liked my story please respond

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