11-1- 2015. 7 months after the end of the Anean Continental war a peace summit is held in the Republic of Wellow. All the politicians seated down in their respective seats with the name of the nation they represent in front of them on their respective desks. They sit in three rows; the wealthiest nations in the middle while the poor ones on the borders of the conference table. The discussions begin. All the representatives start with first addressing to the representatives of the nation’s Emmeria and Estovakia. They half heartedly tell them to forget about the past and continue on with their duties as nations. Outside in the frigid cold the delegates who came along with the representatives patiently sit in the Wellowan government vehicles listening to the radio in a language most of them don’t understand.

Twenty years earlier the world had had a complete face lift after the seven nuclear detonations during the Belkan war but now again the people of the world found themselves in another situation similar to the one Belka was in twenty years ago. The oil wells in the entire south eastern edge of Osea had gone dry. Losing its 30% of oil production the nation was in turmoil. After twenty years Belka had again revived itself, the corporate rulers had been either exiled or put in jail for life without a chance of early parole. It had again developed a strong army and air force but had made sure not to develop something that would attract attention. As the discussion proceeded the Belkan ambassador proposed to the Ocean ambassador that the Socialist republic of Nord Belka will give it a good some of money for the occupied Belkan land known as North Osea/Sudentor. The Osean Federation desperately needed money to pay off debts to nations such as The Kingdom of Sapin and Wellow. The Wellowan ambassador accused The Ocean Federation of Stealing their oil from the oil rigs in the sea separating the two nations.

The summit ended without any developments and faces with different expressions left the building. The Osean ambassador left with a frown and the so did the Wellowan ambassador. The Belkan ambassador had a smile while disappointment dripped off of the face of the Sapinish ambassador. Tensions were running high in the Eastern Hemisphere and the situation was all the same in the west. The nations of Emmeria and Estovakia were busy rebuilding themselves and were desperately trying to rise from the ashes that the war left behind. Both the nations were taking loans from the Kingdom of Nordennavic which was doing well. Yuktobania had offered help to Osea but the latter had refused. Sotoa, Clavis, Romny and Verusa were all rising in terms of economy and military strength. Aurelian economy was depleting and the people in Leasath were making wrong choices regarding politics. The smaller nations such as Ustio, Recta, Gebet, Fato and Wielvakia were slowly treading their way to prosperousness. North Point as usual not noticed and it kept going about its business.

Three days after the ending of the peace summit the workers on the Osean oilrigs noticed naval vessels approaching them from the north. They sent out a message to the capitol that they were being attacked from the Wellowan navy. The navy quickly took control of the rig and stopped all oil production. This news spread like wild fire. Instantaneously phone calls started to flood the president’s office. The King of Sapin warned the Osean president of the dire consequences that followed if the money of the Sapinish people was not returned. The Prime Minister of Yuktobania sent out twelve oil carriers toward the McNealy Airbase, Osea and told the President of Osea that they could pay the nation back once they were free of all debts. Osea quickly sold the oil to Sapin to calm the situation down but Wellow doesn’t stop and sends out a fleet to take over the Kirwin Islands. It has been twenty six days since the siege of the oil rigs and now this.

The player in this story line will be able to fight for multiple nations increasing the amount of action. In the first mission he flies over the Osean rigs in a reconnaissance aircraft of the Wellowan Air Force. In the second he escorts the Wellowan fleet to the Kirwin Islands where they face stiff opposition from the Osean forces but gain victory. As soon as this news reaches the ears of the Sapin king he loses all hope of ever getting his money back and orders an offensive on the city of Oured. A bomber squadron named as Trueno (thunder in Spanish) and the player is the number two of the bomb unit. They bomb the city with B-1B supersonic bombers. The president gets killed and the country is taken over by generals. They quickly sell the occupied land to Belka and remove their forces stationed there and invade Ustio as it still had vast natural resources. Ustio is in a treaty, The Development and Defense Treaty with its neighbors and following this treaty the nation of Recta retaliated and supplied weapons and men to Ustio. These two events will be the next two missions where in the first the player will be an Osean Air Force pilot invading Ustio where he gets hit and tries to make it back to Osea but gets killed on the way by a Ustian mercenary pilot that boasts herself as “the pupil of Solo Wing”. In the second he flies to the invaded land of Ustio from Recta to fight with the Osean force.

Throughout this Belka remains neutral and intends to take back all the land it lost over the years 1985-95. It wants its neighbors to fight among themselves and get crippled. Then it would just walk in. In the mean time Yuktobania sends out a fleet of ships from its elite fleet. They try to liberate the Kirwin Islands but cannot advance as the Wellowan navy has created a barricade of their destroyers which are armed with 18’’ guns and the men on board are highly trained. Seeing its attempt of liberation fail the Prime Minister orders a assembly of nations in North Point but the latter refuses and the alibi which it gives is that nation has its own problems to deal with. Seeing this Wellow continues aggression and bombs the city of Onslaw. The player again sits in the cockpit of a Wellowan Tornado GR4 and attacks the ground forces and the next week Wellow sends out an amphibious attack unit toward Onslaw. On the other hand Yuktobania declares full scale war on Wellow and sends out the largest concentration of military forces in the history of Strangereal toward Wellow. After six furious naval battles, in each the player is the leader of a Yuktobanian naval air force’s squadron named Shtorm (gale in Russian). As a result the Wellowan navy retreats but still doesn’t leave the Kirwin islands and keeps its ground there. On the Ustian front the Oseans keep pushing with their air force and army. As they push they eventually break into the Belkan border and Belka doesn’t tolerate this one bit. The next day 3 non nuclear ICBMs explode on the border front between Ustio and Belka and 70% of the Osean force in combat there is annihilated. Being in a vulnerable position Osea withdraws its military and sends it out to the occupied city of Onslaw and within one day of bombardment the player liberates Onslaw. The oilrigs still remain a problem but the player along with other Yuktobanian stealth fighters destroys the vessels holding the rigs under siege. Wellow is pushed back to its border by the end of January of 2016.

Having successfully taken back its lost western territories Belka now starts to rebuild and transform itself back into the country it once was. With its arch rival at bay Belka again starts its expansionist regime. Wellow enraged by its defeat joins forces with Sapin which is continuing to attack Osea. It sends in more men and more equipment into Sapin via aircraft from over the countries of Fato, Wielvakia and Ratio. Sapin continues its attacks and eventually they bomb the city of Apito. GPBs drop on the runway and block out all aerial traffic, hence the material aid coming from Yuktobania and Nordennavic then lands onto November city, increasing problems for Osea. Seeing that the aid being provided by Wellow is increasing the furiousness of the Sapin attacks, the Yuktobanian PM orders an aircraft carrier of his navy to fire a nuke towards Wellow. The missile explodes in the stretch of sea separating the Wellowan main land from its western islands. Wellow and Sapin take this warning seriously and halt their attacks and aid. As the hostilities end Belka again taking advantage of the situation attacks Valais Air Base, Arlon, Mt. Ivrea and Futuro Canal simultaneously and during the attacks the player takes on the role the leader of a Belkan TFS named Shneesturm (blizzard in German) and supports the ground forces through one mission split up in five parts. Osea asks for help from Yuktobania again as now its arch rival is again strong and powerful and the chances of it taking revenge are very high but Yuktobania refuses any more help, saying that all attacks to the nation have been halted and no more external help is needed. Taking complete advantage of this refusal from Yuktobania, Wellow, Belka and Sapin unanimously attack the Osean federation in one week. Wellow going in first again sieges the oilrigs and Kirwin Islands, and goes on further to bombard Durant and Rupick Bay. Sapin sends in naval attacks on the cities of Redmill, Bana and Stockdale and again bombards Oured. Belka does the worst, it launches 8 fighters with nukes from Heierlark and the bombs explode from Durant to Sardfield Bay ripping the country apart. Revenge has been taken. Shocked and crippled, Osea looks on as their nation goes through what they had forced Belka to go through 21 years in the past. Wellow occupies the northern part while Belka stops all hostilities and so does Sapin. The Osean generals develop a bitter hatred for Yuktobania. The occupied northern states of Osea are named “New Wellow” and Belka continues its light skirmishes with Sapin which started after it attacked the areas of Mt. Ivrea, Futuro Canal, Valai Airbase and Arlon which by the treaty of 1995 gave the territories to Sapin. The dust settled after three weeks when all hostilities by all nations were suspended. Belka holds its ground and Sapin drops the debt charges after the nuclear detonations.

Yes the player helps put the siege on the rigs and the islands and yes he bombs Durant and Rupick Bay. And yes, the player attacks the cities of Redmill, Bana and Stockdale. He also bombs Oured. But no he does not or should I say should not nuke the country.

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