Is it that time again? Well, to your supprise, it is! It is yet another "What would you fly?". I am proud to anounce though that the Typhoon one the last dogfight. But now for 2 new aircraft who will take the stand of glory. For this week, I will be pinning against eachother 2 aircraft with great all-round fighting stats, and are close to me........ahh, brings tears to my eyes.......but anyway, these are the F-15 E and the renound Su-27. These 2 fighters show the real limits of a fighter without ultra-new technology. So now it is up to you. What would you fly? Put your answer in the comments below, and, for a little twist, I want to see what 2 planes you want for next week, and which ever 2 planes are most listed will be the planes used for next weeks installment. But for now, it is up to you. Good Hunting!

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