So, I was thinking, looking at some pictures and stumbling across a picture that was going to be used as a template for Ace Combat competitions, that we could renew that idea. Just for now, if you are connected to the PlayStation Network, add me. My PSN user name is Panicflank. If we can all get connected( And sorry to the guys on X-BOX, I have one but don't have the money for X-Box live) we can hold a Seasonal Ace Tournament, and in that we can have an Ace of the Year, which will be decided from each finals results. There will also be regulations in place so things aren't balanced, (Aircraft and weapon restrictions). It is just an idea so far but if you are on PSN, or anyone on this wiki, tell me what you think, and if you can, add me. Just when you send the request, put in the message box "Aces and Demons".

File:1000px-Ace-combat-6-xbox360-41.jpg Credit to Generale wareagle for this photo found on Ace Combat Fanon Wiki Picture list: Picture #841

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