This is a strategic game based on the ace combat world also named Strangereal. There is few rules, those who do not follow the rules will be ejected and it's nations will made utilizable from other peaple..

1- All the player can take 2 nations.

2-There is 7 era during the game, after the end of a era all the weapons of all the nations will be reset. -WW2 era. 1930/1945 -Vietnam war era.  1946/1960 - Cold war era. 1961/1975 -Modern era. 1976/1995 -Contemporary era. 1996/2020 -Near future era. 2021/2045 -Future era. 2046/ 2060

3- Every year will be divided in 4 turn of 3 month

4- At the end of the year 2060 the nation with magior of territories will win.

5- You can use only unit that is used in that era. For Ex. In the 1930 you can't use the R-103 from 2045.

6- You can build 10 unit of air, ground and naval in 1 turn.

7- To create a super weapon you must attend 5 years, 20 turn, from when you started it.

8- Until modern era the only superweapon aveble is the atomic bomb.  In the modern era, the super weapons are that of the Belkan War. Contemporary era, the super weapons are that of  AC5 and AC4. Near future era, the superweapons are that of AC6 and AC3. Future era, you can think to your super weapons.

9- Until modern era the super fighter doesn't exist. For the other era are the same that superweapons.

10- The only nations avaible are:

Belka- Generale Wareagle









North point-







Clavis- Generale Wareagle 

11- All the player start with 1000€ for every nations (the budget of a nation can't be used for one other) All the unit cost 200€. All superweapons cost 2500€.

12- All the days, you will earn 100€ for every nations.

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