FANDOM There are fighters that Americans did not understand and do not use as well and these fighters are underrated.That is not its rating level.Example of this is the F-16 and F-18.Both when made British as AV-harrier are not understood.The F-18 is Scottish.The F-16 is British.As the British have a fighter probably from Greenland Star Wars .This fighter is Panavia Tornado and Americans fly supersonic speed.Panavia is a swing wing and was used for land purposes.It might be the given away fighter F-14 stole the show from.They don't need to retire any fighters even to F-4 Phantoms.History in Cold War gave American fighters to British.And they changed and modified them better and flew them better and more careful.AV-harrier is large harrier.It is not a land purposes fighter.And when they don't understand they take out VTOL.Slow speed it goes down rating.SEPECAT Jaguar got born from F-4 probably even though their both the same age level.Related fighters.American pilots use helcopter pilots to use VTOL fighters.Alpha fighter I thought the British would be heavily interested in from Robotech.Analyzed as a fighter its is based on monuverability to beat its enemy and Americans learned this in the robotech era vast future.Slow down in robot.Gun down enemies go to systems weapons.Usually Americans stay to one weapon they understand.British concept. British should have their own F-18's if they use them well or better than America.But from Allied relations and being a G9 and G7 member that these fighters will end up made and in the hands of America or around the world and misunderstood,low rating for its career.It had no opponent too or proper opponent and just flew and dropped bombs.Army use.Easy and very basic planes could drop bombs.Prop planes propellors.Helicopters could fulfill the role. [

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