aka Fabio Campos

  • I live in Well,i'm a flyboy so.........why don't you try looking in the sky? (Brazil is good place to start looking for!)
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is (Profile says student,but it's just for cover) ISAF fighter pilot
  • I am male
  • SchneeAce14

    Howdy lads !!!

    So, tell me, who doesn't love to blow up a tank with machine guns? That's right, I'm quite curious, so tell me, what's your favourite ground-attack aircraft?

    My one, is the Tornado (IDS or GR.4, whatever).It's fast, reasonbly manueveable at low speeds and it's very resistent, making it great for strafing, ideal for CAS. And, also, I love the good and ol' area denial weapons set (and who else doesn't !!!).

    So, say it, what ground-breaker you guys like most?

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  • SchneeAce14

    Howdy there fellow aces.

    I had reallized that i'm found myself into a deep stage of idleness, but now i had this brilliant idea.

    So tell me mates, in your opinion what is(are) the best soundtrack(s) in the series?

    For me, soundtracks are 50 percent of a game, seriously, they not only add. rhythm to game, but they also rule how an stage will be imprinted in your mind, then turning it into an epic or not. A game with incredible graphics and strong storyboard can be less epic then it should because of a shoddy soundtrack. My favorite soundtracks in the series are Flicker of Hope and Mayhem, from Ace Combat Zero; Comona, which is a classic fan favorite from Ace Combat 4; Ridding High, Ripping Air and Elemental Particle from the arcade in Ace Comb…

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