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  • SlyCooperFan1

    AC7 DLC Info Dump

    September 12, 2019 by SlyCooperFan1

    Everyone, meet the Alicorn, a nuclear submarine that we will get to know very well in the DLC missions of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. We've gotten quite a lot of nuggets of lore in the trailers we've seen thus far, so here's what we know about what we're getting!

    First off, the DLC missions themselves. All three missions take place between "Bunker Buster" and "Cape Rainy Assault" in the main campaign. You can access the DLC missions through the new "SP MISSION" section in the menu.

    1. "Unexpected Visitor"
      • Release Date: September 25, 2019
      • Operation Date: September 4, 2019
      • Location: Artiglio Port
      • Objective: Shoot down the Erusean fighters trying to defend the Alicorn. Erusea is supported by ECM aircraft that will block our radar. We will be supported by …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the first Acepedia Update after the full release of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown on all three platforms! We're over a month after the console releases, and almost three weeks after the Steam release! Early indications are looking really good. AC7's sales figures appear to be far surpassing both AC6 and Assault Horizon, and reviews are fairly consistent and mostly positive: tight gameplay, deep (if at times complicated) story, and incredible visuals.

    As you would expect, Acepedia has been hard at work over these last few weeks, gathering as much data and info as possible. Aces At War: A History 2019 having accessible English and Chinese versions in addition to Japanese is an incredible help in this aspect.

    So let's go over what the past mon…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Another Acepedia Update, less than a month since the last one? Yep, it's definitely the run-up to a new game :D

    I've got three important things to bring to everyone's attention: new featured blog posts, our new spoiler policy, and our new mission article layout! Plus, an extra surprise: a new German wiki!

    If you check out our Main Page (revamped in the Dark Blue update) you'll notice a new Featured Blog Posts section in the right sidebar! Over the years, Acepedia has hosted sporadic blog posts from users who have wanted to talk about a popular theory, ideas for the next game, and more. We'd like to start encouraging users to write more blog posts like these!

    I've already got the ball rolling with two of my own blog posts that were previously …

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Greetings, fellow aces! It's been one hell of a summer. From E3 to Gamescom to Tokyo Game Show, the days of our news droughts are finally over and we're counting down the days to the release of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown! What a fitting celebration for Acepedia's 12th anniversary this past August :D

    I've said in the past that Acepedia would have to get ready for a flood of information when the game releases, and a large part of those preparations is now complete. I want to run through a few things that have changed on the wiki in the past few days.

    Myself, User:Qbicle, and User:MyNamesFurii have spent the past couple of hours figuring out a few updates to our colors and the images we use for our logos.

    First, the artists out there will quickl…

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    This article was previously published at FANDOM on April 5, 2016.

    The Ace Combat series is a varied one, with many enjoyable mechanics and some not-as-enjoyable issues. There's still a notable lack of information on the upcoming Ace Combat 7 but its developers have a history of over 15 prior games to improve upon. What can – and should – this next installment learn from the previous games in the series?

    As obvious as it may seem to suggest fixing bugs, some Ace Combat games have had the same consistent, annoying bugs. One of the most popular bugs plaguing all of the games is the AI's ability to fly through the ground. Even Ace Combat Infinity, the latest console game in the series, has this problem. Some fans joke that this shouldn't ever be fixed,…

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