Ace Combat 25th Anniversary Promo

June 30, 2020 was the 25th anniversary of the Ace Combat franchise! While Ace Combat has its roots in the two arcade games, Air Combat and Air Combat 22, the franchise officially began on June 30, 1995 with the Japanese release of the first Ace Combat game on the PlayStation.

A few official announcements and a big teaser took place over the past couple of days to commemorate the anniversary. Let's go through them!

A Message

Ace Combat 25th Anniversary Logo
Translation by User:TaskForce23[1] from original Japanese[2]

June 30, 2020. We, PROJECT ACES, and all the fans were able to make the 25th anniversary of the Ace Combat series happen.

If asked "without problems?" honestly, I can only answer "No, we could've done more." Even now in this instant, there are many people who are struggling to get through each day, all around the world. For us and the fans, the 25th anniversary of Ace Combat did not become a year of just celebration. I'm sure every time we reach this date in the future, I would feel slightly disappointed and think that I would've liked to be more excited with the fans.

However, we are people who pursue a career in entertainment, and the service we can provide right now is to delight and [emotionally] move people all over the world, fans included. That is also the reason we continue to make the Ace Combat series, an unchanging series that is not influenced by the environment and just aims to strike true.

Now, I usually don't talk about the uncertain future. In reality, almost all of the things we've been planning since last year have been postponed or suspended. Of course even in the midst of this, all of the staff asked, "Is there anything we can do to make it fun for the fans?" and through trial and error, frantically set up the ACE COMBAT Channel and challenged themselves to deliver content, reworked all the title art up until now for smartphones, and put their wisdom and ingenuity to use one way or another.

To all of the fans that support Ace Combat and the hard work of our staff, those companions who celebrate with us, I pledge this day to you. For the things that have been delayed, we will make them better and deliver them to you. For the things that we were not able to do this year, we will make it happen, though it might be at a later date. And finally, above all, we will use this 25th anniversary as a milestone and promise that we will strive to work earnestly for the next anniversary, for the further expansion of the Ace Combat series, and for the fans.

June 30, 2020
Ace Combat Series Brand Director
Kazutoki Kono

25th Anniversary Wallpaper

Ace Combat 25th Anniversary Wallpaper 3840x2160

One of the few 4K wallpapers we have! It's so large, we couldn't upload the original file!

The official wallpaper for the 25th anniversary is absolutely incredible and packed with details. For those who are unfamiliar, the planes in the wallpaper are organized in what's called an "elephant walk", where numerous aircraft taxi down a runway at the same time. The runway number is 2-5, to commemorate the anniversary.

Download the wallpaper in your preferred size:

Desktop: 1280x1024 · 1600x1200 · 1920x1080 · 1920x1200 · 3840x1600 · 3840x2160
Mobile: 1242x2688 · 2048x2732

Many users have picked apart the details in the wallpaper to determine what aircraft we're exactly looking at. Let's go plane-by-plane!

Left Side

From top to bottom:


From top to bottom:

Right Side

From top to bottom:

AC7 DLC Teaser

No details were provided for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown's upcoming aircraft DLC that was announced a few months ago. However, if the anniversary wallpaper was captured in Ace Combat 7, then that leads us to believe the aircraft and skins featured in there will be coming to the game!

This list is NOT confirmed. These are only the aircraft, skins, and emblems we see in the wallpaper that are not already in the game.

Possible Aircraft
CFA-44 Nosferatu
ASF-X Shinden II
F-117A Nighthawk
Possible Skins
Su-57 unknown skin
Typhoon -UPEO-
F-22A -Ace Combat-
F-15C -Cipher-
F-16C -PJ-
Su-33 -Strigon-
F-15E -Garuda-
F/A-18F -Avalanche-
F-4E -Mobius1-
Possible Emblems
Usean Allied Forces
AF 19th "Aces"

2 Million Sales

AC7 2 Million Wallpaper 3840x2160

Another 4K wallpaper!

Ace Combat 7 has achieved the incredible milestone of selling over 2 million copies worldwide across all platforms and formats! This makes Ace Combat 7 the third best-selling game in the entire franchise, behind Ace Combat and Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. This also pushes the franchise to a grand total of over 16 million sales! (Note that Ace Combat Infinity is not included in these figures.)

To commemorate the occasion, another set of wallpapers is also available, this one featuring Trigger and Avril Mead in two F-104C Starfighters. Download the wallpaper in your preferred size:

Desktop: 1280x1024 · 1600x1200 · 1920x1080 · 1920x1200 · 3840x2160
Mobile: 1242x2688 · 2048x2732

"White Note" Audio Reading

Included within Aces At War: A History 2019 are four short stories penned by Sunao Katabuchi. One of them, "White Note", goes into the early history of Yellow 13. Nobuaki Hashimoto read the short story in Japanese for the Ace Combat YouTube channel, which you can watch below:

【ACE COMBAT 25周年記念】朗読劇:白いノート

【ACE COMBAT 25周年記念】朗読劇:白いノート

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is now printing the two winning T-shirt designs from the Twitter contest! Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, they are only available in Japan and they have already sold out. You can check if they return to stock here:

In addition, Alpha Industries will also be re-printing the Three Strikes MA-1 jacket in the future! Like the original run, though, this is also expected to be exclusive to Japan. Here's what little information we have:

Is that it?

Unfortunately, per Kono's message to the fans, this is indeed a lot less than they wanted to do. Among other things, Kono even wanted to hold another ACE COMBAT/S THE SYMPHONY for the anniversary.[3]

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world this year, and a lot of what Project Aces wanted to do was simply impossible, canceled, or postponed in the wake of this global crisis. Other than the LINE stickers and the AC7 update earlier in the year, this is all they could do.

Personally, I didn't expect anything at all. I expected a wallpaper and that was it, but we got a DLC tease in that wallpaper, we got an official sales number for AC7, we got an audio reading, and we got the promise of more in the future. I hope we can all come together safely in the future for whatever else Project Aces will have in store. Stay safe out there, everyone, and wear your masks!


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