Another Acepedia Update, less than a month since the last one? Yep, it's definitely the run-up to a new game :D

I've got three important things to bring to everyone's attention: new featured blog posts, our new spoiler policy, and our new mission article layout! Plus, an extra surprise: a new German wiki!

Featured Blog Posts

If you check out our Main Page (revamped in the Dark Blue update) you'll notice a new Featured Blog Posts section in the right sidebar! Over the years, Acepedia has hosted sporadic blog posts from users who have wanted to talk about a popular theory, ideas for the next game, and more. We'd like to start encouraging users to write more blog posts like these!

I've already got the ball rolling with two of my own blog posts that were previously articles on FANDOM's News & Stories platform. In case you want to know the kind of quality we're looking for in featured blog posts, those are good examples.

When an Administrator or Content Mod feels a blog post is worthy of going on the Main Page, one of us will mark it as a featured blog post! The five most recent featured blog posts are the ones that will be showcased on the Main Page. All of the featured blogs will also be listed in Blog:Featured Blog Posts!

Spoiler Policy

Acepedia:Spoilers is the new homepage of our wiki's spoiler policy. Again, this was determined by input from the community, so thank you to everyone who helped provide their voice to this! The gist is that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown spoilers must be marked as such until April 1, two months after the PC players get their hands on the game. Everything else related to the previous games will remain unmarked.

Mission Articles

Take a look through our mission articles for Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War! "The Round Table" and "Juggernaut" especially. This will be the wiki's new format for mission articles; all other mission articles should conform to this format of objectives, enemy lists, and S rank requirements. It's taken me way too long to get this finalized across all of ACZ's missions, and I still have some very minor touch-ups to do, but I hope you guys like what you see!


For those of you aces who speak/read/write in German, Tiger 1 I X-02 "Tiger" started a new German Ace Combat wiki! It's only just started, so it's completely blank; if anyone would like to help out translating Acepedia's articles, please head to and start editing!