EDIT: Happy April Fools'! The wiki has been restored to its original color scheme.


Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, aces!

I've recently discovered something: many computer devices are now including features or have programs available to put on a "blue light filter", which reduces blue light from screens at nighttime and prevents eye strain. My laptop, desktop, and now even my phone automatically activate blue light filters when the sun sets every day.

A very popular program for computers is f.lux, which I highly recommend.

In light of this (haha, get it?), I've determined that the benefits are far too great to keep to myself. I wanted to share this helpful bit of science with the entire Ace Combat fandom. So, effective immediately, Acepedia will have a blue light filter... of sorts... to help your eyes see the wiki better without any potential for eye strain!

That's all for now. Keep your eyes healthy and your senses sharp, pilots!