While on my way to complete Ace Combat 5 in its entirety (all I need are five more missions at S-rank in Normal mode and all missions at S-rank in Ace mode), I've had to complete Mission 12B, Four Horsemen, quite a number of times (stupid radar network). However, after infiltrating the facility, you can hear the radio chatter talking about how they were "so close" and how the attack was ruining their efforts for something... they go on to warn about the production line being destroyed, the engine-producing building destroyed, etc. as the facility continues to get attacked.

Another thing to note is how Grimm says this: "They had a pretty elaborate radar network protecting this place... you smell anything fishy, Captain?"

Given that one of the infamous Falken Hangars is found here, I was wondering if the facility in Mission 12B is actually not just a weapons-producing factory, but a factory that produces FALKEN aircraft. Since it was destroyed, any working prototypes were destroyed as well, but what if the ground forces came across the facility, came to the hangar to retrieve the mechanical parts, and found the blueprints as well? Because one person did say, "I left the blueprints in my office..."

What do you guys think? Could we state on the Four Horsemen and Operation: Fork Dance pages that this was a factory that was about to produce FALKEN aircraft?

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