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For more information, please see Acepedia:Featured articles. Also be advised that references are not required for featured articles at this time.

Aces, you have from this moment until December 21, 2013 to comment below on what you think should be the home page's featured article for January! You can suggest any article you want, as long as it's here on Acepedia. Voting will commence on the 21st. Good luck to all of the articles!

Current Suggestions: X-02 Wyvern, Sudentor, CFA-44 Nosferatu, Jack Bartlett, Excalibur, BelkaScarface Squadron
Please note that this is not a final list for the poll. Some of these articles will not make it, due to being poor examples of well-edited articles. This is just a list of all current suggestions so people don't repeat suggestions.