Introducing a SuperJaws100 production.

Strangereal Map (Small)

The Strategy Game

I have invented a sort of forum game. It will be hard to play without a private posting option, but should be fun nonetheless.


To rule the world! 

How to Start Playing

Everyone will choose a country from the list of Strangereal countries I have provided. First come first serve, so if you miss out, better luck next time.

Once all the slots are full, I will officially start the game. From that point on, all posts made not relating to the game should be titled with "Comment" using the Heading 2.

Playing the Game

  1. Players can initiate war with neighboring countries or the country closest to them. A close-up map will be created and the two players will send out "orders" to their armies via this Blog.
  2. Other countries not in war may build up their army, make speeches, make alliances, reposistion troops within their country, or any other move that you can think of.
  3. I will provide the results of any moves. Players should not make assumptions about the outcome of a move. Therefore, you should send out one offensive "order" at a time.
  4. Once in a while, there will be a random Crisis that all nations (whether in war or not) will have to deal with. Crisis must be responded to within two days of the Crisis occuring, or there will be consequences.
  5. To manage the system better, each player will start out with 100 points. Losing a battle, war, or failing to respond to a Crisis will lose you points. Winning a battle or war, or responding well to a Crisis will earn you points.
  6. Every day, I will post a progress report, with the current points tally, results of any campaigns or moves, and a Wild Card for each nation.
  7. Wild Cards are essentially random events that add or remove points. They cannot be influenced.
  8. I will actually take part in the game, as a brand new organization. My forces will be the final Crisis, and there will be only one survivor of this crisis.

Winning the Game

The last player left after the final Crisis wins. If there is miraculously more than one player left, they will face of in a final battle.

Players can lose before the final Crisis, though, and at any time. If a player's capital is captured, they lose. If a player's point count drops below zero, they lose. If a player's citizens rebel, they lose. It is very hard to lose though, so don't get mad if you do.

List of Countries/Organizations Available

Note that if you choose AWWNB, you will start out with NO territory.

Also, if you want an ace squadron or superweapon assosciated with your country to be available for your use, you will need to "purchase" it for points. Points act as a currency- like credits in the actual game. For instance, Wardog Squadron or the Arkbird might cost 50-200 points respectively.

BE CAREFUL when purchasing squadrons or superweapons. You want to have saved up some extra points (more points than the superweapon/squadron costs) in case you run into a problem and lose points from your Wild Card.

Let the games begin! To sign up for the game, post the name of your selected faction. First come first serve, so choose quickly! Also, you have to have a Wikipedia account to play- no Anonymous users.


Look forward to playing!

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