You know how when you kill 8 fighters you unlock the Trinity missile. Well here is some ideas for Ace Combat Multiplayer (which has a 99.99% of never coming true) for kill streaks on captial conquest.

So I was thinking that every 5 player kills you get, you are able to use a kill streak. The reason for every 5 kills is because in real life when a pilot whether it be Fighter, Bomber, or whatever shoots down 5 aircraft they become an 'Ace' (This Ace Combat after all).

Ace (5 player kills):

  • AWACS: An AWACS flies high, providing you with an eye in the sky, your enemies can run, but cant hide. Stealth is neutralized. The guidance of your weapons increases all at the expense of your enemies own capabilities (Be warned it CAN be intercepted and destroyed).
  • Tanker: Running low on Ammo? Feel a bit war weary. Call a Tanker in to repair and rearm your plane to keep your edge in the fight. Words of wisdom dont let it get shot. If so prepare to breakaway and watch the fire works.

Double Ace (10 player kills):

  • 2X Trinity: Unlock two trinity missiles for your Sukhoi PAK FA so that your enemies will burn with a big bang. WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! USE AT OWN RISK!
  • Special Forces: Want to catch a strategic point? Call in a team of Commandos to drop in and capture it for you (please make the ride for them comfortable)

Triple Ace (15 player kills):

  • Reinforcements: When your home is under fire call in a transport to drop in sappers to keep your side in the fight. Please note they dont like bumpy rides
  • Cruise Missile Barrage: Call in a swarm of cruise missiles to reign havoc on enemy strongholds. Please note they can be intercepted

Quadruple Ace (20 player kills):

  • Unlock Bombers: You've earned your wings and proved your metal, now its time to pay the piper. Pilot a bomber and turn the enemy HQ into a parking lot.
  • UCAV Assault: Call in an army of nasty unmanned drones to keep your enemies on their toes. No pilots required.
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