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|type = Republic
|type = Republic
|currency = Unknown (possibly the Ustian Zollar)}}
|currency = Unknown (possibly the Ustian Zollar)}}
'''Ustio''' is a country that seceded from [[Belka]]. It is the main setting in the game [[Ace Combat Zero]], Ustio plays a large role in the Belkan War of 1995. It appears to be the [[Strangereal]] equivalent of Switzerland, with elements Poland and France in World War II. Because they seceded from Belka Ustio has "Blood lines" of what would be today Romania, Turkey and Albania.
'''Ustio''' is a country that seceded from [[Belka]]. It is the main setting in the game [[Ace Combat Zero]], Ustio plays a large role in the Belkan War of 1995. It appears to be the [[Strangereal]] equivalent of Switzerland, with elements Poland and France in World War II.
=== Before Belka (1600s - 1800s) ===
=== Before Belka (1600s - 1800s) ===

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Ustio is a country that seceded from Belka. It is the main setting in the game Ace Combat Zero, Ustio plays a large role in the Belkan War of 1995. It appears to be the Strangereal equivalent of Switzerland, with elements Poland and France in World War II.


Before Belka (1600s - 1800s)

Though it was one of the Belkan states that emerged from the Dark Ages, the Republic of Ustio had not enjoyed the protection of the Belkan Knights that states like North Belka and South Belka enjoyed. Sapin and Ratio annexed more and more territory from Ustio over time, whether through war or purchase. In the 1800s, Ustio begged its "fatherland" of Belka to help protect its borders. Belka obliged and intervened. Faced with the threat of engaging a growing military power like Belka, Sapin and Ratio backed down, returning the land to Ustio. The grateful republic joined the Belkan Empire.

Forging Ahead (1988 - 1994)

During Belka’s campaign of expansionism, the living conditions within certain parts of the nation had decreased, the people had little or no say in what the government did and unrest was beginning to spread.

It wasn’t until 1987 in which the Belkan Leadership had decided to hold a Federal Law Review to re-evaluate their effectiveness to run the country and act accordingly.

A southeastern Belkan state, a member of the Belkan Federation, had begun to grow weary of the Osean Federation. The state was rich in natural resources (oil, steel, and iron to name a few), which were used by Belka to spur on their industrial boom of the early and mid 80's. However, did not see much of the profit of mining and oil drilling, since those things were regulated by the Belkan Federals in Sudentor. Around this time the northeastern state of Belka broke away, declared themselves independent and joined with Fato to become the Fato Federation.

This caused an uneasiness between the southeastern Belkan state and Belka and finally resulted in the state breaking away. This state was then known as the Republic of Ustio.

Belka’s economy took a large down-fall after this and the newly seated extremists of the deadly and unreasonable Rald Party in the Belkan Cabinet, threatened Ustio with action if they did not return to the Federation. Ustio chose not to return to them, despite the consequence of their decision.

The Belkan War (1995)

The Belkan Federal Law Review was proclaimed unconstitutional and Belka crossed it’s borders in 1995. Immediately, they invaded Ustio. Ustio had managed to piece together a military force from the beginning of the country’s formation. The Ustio Military was immediately engaged on all fronts by the Belkan Military and they were overwhelmed. The Ustio Military was being worn out since it was being engaged on three fronts. Ustian Leaders decided to have all of their forces fall back, past their Capital City of Directus in order to limit the engagements to one front. Their Capital was taken by the Belkan Military and much of their land was taken with it. The Ustio Air Force had lost 90% of their forces and it was decided that Mercenaries were to be hired in order to make up for their losses. One of these being the 66th AFU ‘Galm’ Team.

As Ustio continued to defend itself Yuktobania, Osea, Sapin and other countries on the continent had offered them a chance to join an Alliance which was going to counter-attack the Belkan Forces. Ustio joined and participated in Offensive Campaign No. 4101, after Ustio helped Osea liberate Sapin. Soon, Ustio cities like Solis Ortus were being liberated with the help of the Osean and Ustio Mercenary Teams and eventually Ustio’s Capital "Directus", was also liberated. The lands which were taken by Belka were reclaimed and the final plan to invade Belka was put into play. One area was still under heavy dispute for the resources it had under it’s soil; this was Air Corridor B7R, also known as “The Round Table”. Belka lost B7R and began to prepare for the advancement into their territory. Belka had fought back with every man and woman in their Military.

On one offensive primarily lead by Ustio Forces, the Belkans had opened fire with their Super Weapon known as the “Excalibur”. It was destroyed by the 66th AFU Galm team, who up to that time had become known by Forces on each side for their combat effectiveness and actions on battlefield. The Team consisted of “Cipher”, the flight leader, known as “The Demon Lord” and Galm Two, Larry Foulke. The Ustio Forces had showed their value in all of the Operations they had participated in and they had become a lethal military force. They had overcome some of the most intense Belkan Fortifications seen through out the Belkan War and managed to penetrate the Belkan Border.

By this point the Allied Fronts had merged together and Troops from each nation became meshed together. The Belkans began to grow desperate and it’s military force began to boil down to the ‘Die-Hard’ Belkan Soldiers willing to fight until the end and never surrender. At the battle of Hoffnung, Belka’s second largest industrial city, the Belkan Military began a scorched earth campaign and began to destroy every facility that the Allied Forces could possibly use. At the same time, Allied Bombers began to indiscriminately bomb the city, not caring where their bombs landed. The Belkan Military and much of the Belkan peoples now saw the Allies as murderers and vowed to fight to the death.

On June 6th, 1995 a final Operation, to invade North Belka was put into motion. Ustio and the other Allied Nations were going to take the city of Sudentor, which separated North and South Belka. The Belkan Forces had begun to gather in Sudentor in preparation for the Allied Offensive. The battle at Sudentor was to be the largest battle of the Belkan War. But, as the Allied Forces went through the Waldreich Mountains surrounding Belka, reports of Belkan Bombers possibly carrying Nuclear Weapons, had come in. The 66th Air Force Unit and the 4th Air Force Unit of the Ustio Air Force intercepted the Bombers and managed to destroy the group.

Then, unexpectedly, seven Nuclear Weapons were detonated across the Waldreich Mountain Range, destroying seven cities at the Northern-Gate. The Allied Forces ceased all actions and attempted to speak to Belka once again. Soon a Peace Treaty was signed and no Allied Forces were to enter North Belkan Territory.

Though the war was officially over many soldiers did not surrender, and the 66th AFU was dispatched to destroy these fragmented forces. Little did anyone know, a force unlike any before or after it, was to rise from the shadows.

A World With No Boundaries (December of 1995)

A group of soldiers from multiple-nations from Osea, Yuktobania, Belka and even Ustio had arisen from the shadows. They were known as “A World With No Boundaries ” (AWWNB) and their goal was to stop the fighting by removing politicians and uniting the world. AWWNB had taken over the XB-0 Hresvelgr, a Belkan-Super Bomber and bombed Lumen, the City where the Peace Treaty was signed and attacked multiple facilities in Ustio on their journey into North Belka. The Galm Team engaged the XB-0 and destroyed it just miles away from the North Belkan Border. Now the Allied Forces moved to destroy AWWNB’s main weapon, the stolen V-2 at Avalon Dam. The attack was spearheaded by the Ustio Mercenary Team and resulted in the destruction of the V-2 and “A World With No Boundaries”. The V-2 launch almost succeeded even after Avalon Dam was destroyed when Galm 2, who went missing in action during the Nuclear Explosions, was controlling the launch of the V-2. Galm 1 was forced to fight his old wingman and after an extended engagement, shot him down.

With the war being officially over the Allied Nations were commended for their actions and stopping the Belkans. However, the credit was given to Yuktobania and Osea; the smaller Allied Nations were left out and never were properly rewarded.

After Belkan War (1996-current)

Ever since the Belkan War, Ustio has remained somewhat secluded, much like the nations around it. In 2020, Ustio found the allied alliance with Osea, Yuktobania, FATO ,Recta, Ratio, and Sapin; during the age corporate reform, these countries would not be taken over by corporations; they retain there status.

Notable places

  • Area B7R - Known to the Belkan military as 'Air Priority One', but known to the pilots who fought in it simply as the Round Table, this circle of seemingly unremarkable canyons and crags became the fiercest battle site on the eastern front. Located at the border of the two countries, it is a vital air corridor for both Belka and Ustio and also an area of valuable natural resources, allowing them access to each others heart land. Massive dogfights erupted here, and those who came out on top were known as the Knights of the Round Table; feared and respected by both their enemies and their allies.
  • Directus - The capital of the Republic of Ustio. During the Belkan War, the capital is taken in the first week of hostilities, due to Belka's combined land-air assault. Later on, the capital is liberated with the help of Galm Team. The city is similar to the city of Bern in Switzerland
  • Solis Ortus - A town to the southwest of Directus, Solis Ortus was liberated by the Allied forces to create a stepping stone to the Ustian capital, Directus.
  • Valais Air Base - The last stronghold of the Ustian armed forces after the quick fall of their capital to the Belkans. High in the mountains, it seems untouchable by ground forces, but is vulnerable to air raids. It is here the Ustians deploy their new makeshift airforce which includes a large contingent of mercenaries, to make up for the vast losses taken by regular airforce during Belka's initial attack. After a failed air raid, the Mercenary Pilots slowly gained momentum on their counter-offensive. The base suffered significant damage during a XB-0 Hresvelgr air raid, but remains operational


Ustio has an amazingly diverse climate for its small size. Ustio has a mountain belt that runs through the country. This has created alpine and tundra conditions in the south, where the mountain range is. In the north, around B7R, the climate seems more arid, forming the craggy canyons that we see. The capital, Directus, is fairly temperate.


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