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The Ustio Air Force is the aerial warfare service branch of Ustio's military. It was formed some time after the country seceded from the Belkan Federation in 1988.

In the opening days of the Belkan War, it suffered severe losses at the hands of the Belkan Air Force, forcing the commanders of Ustio's military to hire mercenaries to replace and assist formal troops, who later played a fundamental role in the outcome of the war.[1]

As of 1995, the Ustio Air Force fielded a total of thirty-six combat aircraft, not including support vehicles such as AWACS units. Its squadrons commonly flew in a two-man formation, as opposed to the four-man flight of the Osean Air Force.[2]


6th Air Division

Galm Team

Aircraft: 2x F-15C Eagle

  • The main character's aircraft is changed as they feel and the story line also changes formation.
  • Later in the game, PJ, who flies an F-16C Fighting Falcon joins Galm Team.

Crow Team

Aircraft: 3x F-16C Fighting Falcon

Halo Squadron

Aircraft: 5x C-17A Globemaster III

Fenrir Squadron

Aircraft: F-20A Tigershark

Caravan Squadron

Aircraft: F-20A Tigershark

Lancer Squadron

Aircraft: F-20A Tigershark

Altair Squadron

Aircraft: F-20A Tigershark

Aircraft inventory




Other aircraft


  • The Aces At War: A History book mentions that the Ustio Air Force used a total of thirty-six aircraft, which would mean the entire aircraft roster of Ace Combat Zero. As the Ustio Air Force never used them, the inclusion of the X-02 Wyvern, the ADF-01 FALKEN and the ADFX-01 Morgan would conflict with established canon. Were the list to exclude them and include the KC-10 Extender and the E-767, it would amount to a total of thirty-five planes.
    • In addition, however, Cipher and Pixy both use the F-15C Eagle, which would bring this total to 36.


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