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"Enemy leaders are using choppers to escape from the HQ."
ISAF soldier[1]

The V-22[2] is a transportation helicopter that features a special tiltrotor design. It has made few appearances in the Ace Combat franchise.


V-22 AC04 Perfect Guide

The V-22 model used in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

The V-22 was designed in 1982[3] as the first practical tiltrotor VTOL aircraft in history. When a V-22 takes off, its rotors are pointed upward like a typical helicopter to provide lift. After takeoff, the V-22 lowers its rotors towards the front to provide stable flight.[2]

The V-22's specifications are as follows:[2]

  • Length: 17.47 m
  • Width: 25.78 m
  • Height: 5.28 m
  • Weight: 14,460 kg
  • Top Speed: Mach 0.5
  • Cruising Distance: 2,224 km


V-22s were in service with the Federal Erusea Air Force during the Continental War. During Operation Autumn Thunder, Erusea's top military leaders attempted to escape using four V-22s. All were shot down during the operation. However, a fifth V-22 was supposed to take off and attempt escape as well, carrying the Erusean Supreme Commander at the time; for some reason, it never took off, and the supreme commander had died due to some circumstance by the time ISAF discovered the chopper.[1]

The V-22 was also present during the Lighthouse War, in Erusean service.[4] During Operation Lighthouse Keeper, Vincent Harling and Colonel Johnson commandeered an Erusean Air Force V-22 in an attempt to escape the Erusean controlled International Space Elevator. Unfortunately, the VTOL was shot down during a confusing dogfight between IUN fighters and Erusean MQ-101 UCAVs, resulting in the deaths of Johnson and Harling.[5]

The V-22 eventually received a COFFIN variant, the V-22B.[3]



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