V2 Schematics

Original V2 plans

The V-2 Mass Retaliation Weapon (V-2質量報復武器 V-2 Shitsuryō Hōfuku Buki) is a multi-warhead missile system developed by the Belkan Federation.

The V2's origins lie in Project Pendragon, a Belkan Strategic Defense Initiative from the 1980s. Despite seeing no problem during its history, the Belkan military decided to end Project Pendragon in the late 1980s, due to the lacking funds from the country's economical instability at the time. By the time the project was over, however, the V2 was presumably already finished.

Over 5 years later, in 1995, after the official end of the Belkan War, the insurgent organization, A World With No Boundaries took over Avalon Dam, a facility located in northern Belka, and used it as their main headquarters, seizing the V2 missiles stored inside in the process. In late December, the group launched an attack on the Sapin city of Lumen using the XB-0 Hresvelgr, a giant gunship that was also part of Project Pendragon. The gunship, however, was destroyed by elements of the Ustian Air Force 66th Air Force Unit, an infamous squadron that became a cornerstone of the Allied offensive towards Belkan soil earlier in the war. Shortly thereafter, Ustian High Command discovered the existence of the V2 in Avalon Dam—AWWNB was already making preparations for launch.

In December 31, 1995, the Allied Forces launched an airstrike on Avalon Dam, known as Operation Point Blank. Galm Team managed to make a low-altitude infiltration into the Avalon through Mund Valley's ravine, and subsequently commenced attacks on the facility itself. Galm 1 flew inside Avalon itself, destroying the dam's V2 launch control systems, thus preventing the missile from being launched. However, as Galm awaited response from their AWACS, an unidentified aircraft entered the airspace, which fired an energy lance towards Galm Team. Patrick James Beckett, Cipher's wingman, saved Cipher by throwing himself into the laser, at the cost of his life. Afterward, one final showdown took place between Cipher and his old wingman Larry Foulke (Pixy) over the skies of Avalon. It is then revealed that the ADFX-02 Morgan is outfitted with an emergency launch system for the V2, as Pixy launches the MIRV missile. During their confrontation, Cipher managed to critically damage the Morgan's systems, sending it out of control into the mountains, destroying the V2 in the process- Solo Wing Pixy, however, ejected into the mountains.

ADFX-02 After V2 Launch

The V2, after launch by Solo-Wing Pixy

15 years later, during the Circum-Pacifc War, another V2 was secretly completed by the Belkan "Grey Men", and placed in the SOLG (an orbital weapons platform).The control for the SOLG was in a massive experimental facility in the former capital of South Belka, Sudentor. This facility was owned by North Osea Grunder Industries, whose president, even though he swore allegiance to Osea, was a member of the "Grey Men". The goals of the "Grey Men" were to destroy both Osea and Yuktobania and unite the two Belkas. On December 30, 2010, combined units from Osea and Yuktobania (who had united after Osean President Vincent Harling's speech ending the war) with support from the Ghosts of Razgriz, destroyed the control system for the SOLG, preventing a launch of the V2.


The SOLG, en route to Oured

But, after the system was destroyed, the SOLG began to automatically descend, heading straight for the Osean capital Oured. With the V2 on board, the lives of millions were in the line. After having a final confrontation with the Grabacr/Ofnir joint squadron, Razgriz destroyed the SOLG before it had a chance to impact Oured, and the V2 exploded harmlessly over the city on December 31, 2010. The destruction of this V2 supposedly marked the disappearance of the V2 from history.


The V2 itself is a MIRV (Multiple Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle) missile. MIRV is a cluster of several nuclear warheads on a single ICBM. Diagrams in Ace Combat 5 show 8 warheads, but it is likely that the V2 has even more, or that those warheads are also MIRV warheads, as characters state that it could wipe out half of all metropolitan areas in Osea, Yuktobania or a multitude of other countries. The V2's warheads separate in mid-flight, moving to their independent targets. Its predecessor, the V1, was a smaller tactical nuclear warhead, used by Belka in the Belkan War. When it is launched, it can destroy an area within the radius of 10 kilometres.


  • In the final mission of Ace Combat 04, "Megalith", the large missile in the center of the facility, the one which Mobius 1 must destroy to complete the mission, not only resembles a V2, but has the South Belkan Munitions Factory logo on it (however, it is very small and therefore easy to miss). This leads one to believe that it was, in fact, a V2. How Erusea could have obtained such a weapon is unknown, but considering Belka's economic state after the Belkan War, it is probable that Belka sold the weapon of mass destruction to Erusea.
  • It is strange that Ace Combat Zero, Belka is described as "developing" the V2. On Earth, ICBM's were a well-developed technology long before 1995, and Ace Combat's alternate "Strangereal" continuity generally exhibits more advanced technology than Earth. However, this could imply that the V2 is significantly larger or more powerful than "ordinary" ICBMs. The fact that AWWNB considered the missile powerful enough to reduce humanity to "zero", the claim that the V2 could "wipe out half of all metropolitian areas" in Osea or Yuktobania, and the size size of Megalith's V2 compared to its other missiles, all seem to confirm this.
  • V2 was named after the real life V2 Vengeance missile, the first real ballistic missile, created by Germany near the end of World War II.


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (the game)
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (the game)

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