VR Mission 03

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VR Mission 03 is the third VR Mode mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The player assumes the role of Mobius 1 as they engage enemy aircraft over Waiapolo Mountains.


IUN-PKF Commander: We got intel on their plans to transport a WMD. Enemy transport is currently flying above the Waiapolo Mountains. HQ's orders are to capture it. If we can get war crime evidence, we could suppress Free Erusea's activities. At the beginning of the mission, we will approach the transport while attempting radio contact. We will force their landing. Our objective is to capture the plane, but we can shoot it down if the situation goes south. Keep that in mind.


The player should first approach the C-130 Hercules as instructed in the mission briefing. Once close enough, the player and other friendly aircraft will face enemy missiles from below.

The player then needs to destroy all hostile aircraft in the area, including the C-130. When six of the eight AV-8B Harrier II plus have been shot down, nine Su-35S Flanker-E will appear in groups of three, surrounding the player from a distance, and will fire long range missiles at a regular interval.

Once all of the ambushing aircraft are shot down, Ghost Squadron ambush the player from above. The mission is complete after the player shoots down all four Ghost Squadron's Su-57s.

Enemy List

Unit Points Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT.svg C-130 1,200 1
Icon-AirTGT.svg AV-8B 320 8 [note 1]
Icon-AirTGT.svg SU-35S 700 9 [note 2]
Icon-AirTGT.svg SU-57 "GHOST" 1,000 4 [note 3]


IUN-PKF Commander: Free Erusea's plan was a fake. The fact that we took minimal damage...and struck a serious blow to their stealth power is a testament to the Mobius Squadron's skills. But if this was a diversion, what was their true objective? The war with Free Erusea may have entered a new phase. Be on standby.

S Rank

Complete the mission under 9 minutes.


  1. These enemies will appear from below the clouds near the initial C-130.
  2. These enemy units will appear shortly after the player destroys six AV-8Bs.
  3. These enemy units will appear after the player destroys all previous targets.


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