The Valahia was a terrorist organization based in Europe and Asia which launched various attacks under the orders of European businessman Andre Olivieri as part of the Golden Axe Plan. They were led by Nicolae Dumitrescu, who intended to form a new nation in the name of communism.


Global insurgency[]

The Valahia was formed at some point after the fall of the Soviet Union, likely by soldiers from former Eastern Bloc countries, under the direction of Nicolae Dumitrescu. After the global recession in the late 2000s, they were hired by Andre Olivieri to attack various cities throughout the world to make profits from private war damage insurance.

In late 2010, they revealed themselves to the world with a series of attacks on Tokyo with Spiridus and Orgoi aircraft provided by Olivieri. The incidents led to the formation of the International Union Peacekeeping Force (IUPF), which launched a campaign across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to defeat the organization, an effort assisted by a private military company, Martinez Security.

Martinez's forces dismantled Valahia's operations in various countries, including Croatia and Turkey, some of which led to the loss of a stand-alone electromagnetic rail gun, and Mora Jamming Station in the Turkish Mountains. The organization later responded by launching an aerial attack on London, which ended in the destruction of the Spiridus. After the operation, the Valahia betrayed Olivieri.


Antares Squadron assaulted the Valahia's main base, an old USSR nuclear missile silo, and challenged Varcolac Squadron for third time and they successfully shot them down, but they ejected. With little time to stop the nuclear launch, Frederick Burford ordered Antares to fly into the underground silo and destroy the structure from the inside. The underground silo was destroyed by the massive explosion and the Valahia was disbanded with the death of Dumitrescu.





  • Balaur
  • Spiridus
  • Orgoi
  • Nuclear Missiles (mentioned only after the mission Nightwatch in cutscene)



  • The name "Valahia" is a derivative of Wallachia, which is commonly known as Southern Romania.