Valeriy Nikitov, callsign Valet, was an ace pilot in the Estovakian Navy's South Sea Fleet. He was the navy's 3rd Carrier Air Wing, 1st Squadron leader.[1]

Valet is one of the named aces in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. He appears in The Liberation of Gracemeria if played on Expert difficulty or higher.

His special livery for the F-14D Super Tomcat becomes available for purchase in the hangar after shooting him down.[2]


During the earlier days of the war, Nikitov worked in tandem with the Strigon Team and P-1112 Aigaion to form a defensive umbrella over the city of Gracemeria. This umbrella network was used to repel all four of the King & Balloon Operations launched by the Emmerians who were trying to recapture their former capital.[1]

In the waning days of the war, the South Sea Fleet was given an order to defend Gracemeria and to fight to the death if necessary. The fleet took position in the port of the city and prepared to bombard the Emmerian advance and provide air support from its carrier.[1]

As a pilot in the 3rd Carrier Air Wing, Nikitov did take part in the operation to defend Gracemeria. He provided air support to his fleet and engaged Emmerian forces.[3] His current status after the battle is currently unknown however a further analysis of his final radio transmission indicate that he was shot down during a skirmish with the Garuda Team.[1]



  • A valet is a sort of personal attendant.


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