The -- Air Division, -- Tactical Fighter Squadron Vampir is a squadron of the Belkan Air Force, participating in the infamous Belkan War.


Belkan War[]

Information on the Vampir Squadron is scarce, however their only known involevement in the war was their participation in Operation Hell Bound, which would be the Allies' entrance towards Belka. The Vampir Team engaged elements of the 66th Air Force Unit Galm, but were shot down in combat.


Carsten Nowotny[]

Flight leader of the Vampir Squadron. Shot down in combat while attempting to defend the Hydrian Line in May 17, 1995. Due to statements of members belonging to Nowotny's former squadron, it is a possibility that official records of this individual have been altered in some form. Current whereabouts are being investigated, as he is considered a dangerous element.

Rudolph Seifert[]

Second pilot of Vampir Team. Received severe injuries after being shot down in combat by the Galm Team in Operation Hell Bound. Some time after the ceasefire, Rudolph stole a fighter jet from the air force base at the Schayne Plains in an attempt to escape, only to be shot down by Allied aircraft. Rumor has it that he was planning to desert to another country.


  • The name Vampir is German for "Vampire".