For the Emmerian tank battalion seen in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, see Rigel Battalion.
All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Remember, these are top class ace pilots. Keep your focus."
― Burford to Antares

The Varcolac Squadron, formerly known as Rigel Squadron, was a top class elite squadron led by Milosz Sulejmani, which is part of Martinez Security M42 Squadron, but later on defected to the Valahia, and then finally for Andre Olivieri in support of the Golden Axe Plan which lead to their demise.


Midway Incident

Rigel Squadon's emblem

The emblem of Rigel Squadron

Rigel Squadron was present in the joint military show with the United States Navy Seventh Fleet, Japan Self-Defense Forces and the M42 Antares Squadron, situated in the Pacific Ocean. They teamed up with Antares in conducting a number of training courses before diverting to the east in order to shoot down a large force of enemy fighter planes and three B-52 bombers flying over Midway Islands until the M42 Squadron received word from the Seventh Fleet that the Valahia forces were heading to Tokyo.

Defense of Tokyo

Afterwards, both Rigel and Antares Squadrons went to the Japanese capital of Tokyo and stopped a giant combat aircraft from completely destroying the city using its electromagnetic railgun. After partaking in a joint assault with the JSDF and Antares, Rigel Squadron returned to Tokyo once to drive out the Valahia. However, as they were about to shoot down the Orgoi, the Valahia leader offers Sulejmani and his men with a better wage of money in exchange for joining the Valahia. They gladly offer to switch sides, much to the dismay of Frederick Burford, the radio operator of Antares Squadron.

Raging Sea

After their desertion to Valahia, Sulejmani and his renegades were engaging Antares in Croatian Adriatic Sea during an IUPF operation to destroy all Valahia forces stationed in the Adriatic Sea before leaving the combat zone.

Cyclops Slayer

Then, they showed up in the next IUPF operation that destroys the Valahia radar site in the Serbian Mountains. Once the radar site was destroyed, Antares engaged Varcolac Squadron for the second time and Antares successfully drive them off.


When the IUPF launched an operation to destroy the Valahia's main base of operations; an old Soviet nuclear missile silo, to put an end to their terrorism, Antares confronted Varcolac Squadron for the third time and successfully shoot them down before flying into the silo to destroy the nuclear missiles being launched at North America and Europe. However, the Varcolac Squadron managed to survive the confrontation.

Involvement in the Golden Axe Plan and defeat

After the Valahia was wiped out, Varcolac Squadron joined the Golden Axe Plan in their final stage of the plan: the attack on San Francisco. After Antares prevented the remnants of the private army from attacking the city, Varcolac engaged Antares one last time before their final defeat.



  • The name "Varcolac" is named after the eponymous Romanian myth of a demonic werewolf. Somewhat coincidentally, Varcolaci are commonly portrayed as ghosts and vampires, known as "Strigoi"—this name was used in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation as the name of the Estovakian Strigon Team.
  • The "Rigel" is named after the brightest star in the constellation Orion and is the sixth brightest star in the sky.
  • All members of the Varcolac Squadron have different skills, thus, they have different aircraft. Sulejmani flies a MiG-1.44 Flatpack (multirole), Oruma flies an A-10A Thunderbolt II (attacker), Gaviria flies a MiG-31 Foxhound, and Kiriakov flies a Su-37 Terminator (both fighters).
  • The logo of the Varcolac Squadron makes an appearance in Ace Combat Infinity, in the briefing screen before Operation Eternal Liberation, as one of the squadrons being part of Task Force 118. Ironically, Antares Squadron is also shown as part of Task Force 118.


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