For the various squadrons by the same name, see Viper Squadron.

Viper was the flight leader of Bone Arrow Squadron. He was well-respected among his allies and was recognized worldwide as a veteran mercenary ace. His personal emblem was a snake with its tail making an infinity mark, signifying "he's shot down so many bandits, he can't even keep count anymore."[1]


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Viper was born in Australia in 1970. After the Ulysses Disaster, Viper made a name for himself as a mercenary pilot working for Arrows Air Defense and Security alongside Omega and their commanding officer, Goodfellow. He witnessed a rookie member of Bone Arrow Squadron being killed in an unknown operation and blames Goodfellow for pushing the rookie "too hard".[1] When Reaper joins the squadron, Viper takes him under his tutelage and helps him become an ace pilot during the Sons of Troia insurgency.[3]

Viper's first-known deployment during the insurgency was part of Operation Bird Hunt, an effort to shoot down terrorist transport aircraft and escorts over the Comona Base.[1]