Visiting Hours is a 16th mission in Ace Combat 2 and the 3rd mission in Operation "A"LPHAVILLE. If all three allied ships survived in the St. Elmo's Fire mission, an alternate 16th mission, Juggernaut, will be unlocked.


Visiting Hours is the third part of the "Operation Alphaville" mission string.

In this stage, the government forces have placed their sights on a geothermal power plant in Rocky Island, in eastern Usea. The plant, called "Turntable", cannot be damaged by normal weapons because of its construction. To overcome this problem, a friendly assault unit is set to infiltrate the facility and open the main heat vent, thereby allowing an aircraft to slip inside and destroy the core of the plant.


Your operation this time is to destroy the enemy's geothermal plant. It is a difficult task because this base is completely covered by a dome shaped wall made of heavy resistant material. Bombing it directly will not be effective. We will first break into the base through a heat release vent, and then destroy their central cooling unit in order to stop the base from functioning. The heat release vent is closed at the moment, but our ground unit is scheduled to enter the base secretly and open it. We plan to open the vent at precisely 15:00 hours. The time window is very small in this operation, we can only keep the vent open for 90 seconds. A hit-and-breakaway operation with lighnting speed must be employed.

Target: The enemy's geothermal plant base

Watch the clock, and don't waste a second!



  • 1 x Plant (Opened at 15:00) $5,000


  • 3 x F-22 - $11,000 each.
  • 3 x Su-37 - $10,000 each.
  • 3 x F-14 - $6,000 each.
  • 3 x F-15E - $8,000 each.
  • 6 x Ground - $1,000 each
  • 3 x AA Gun - $1,000 each.
  • 5 x SAM - $2,000 each.


  • Money: $55,000


  • During the development of the game, the mission was originally supposed to take place in a normal, clear-skies scenario. The design team changed the time to night to make it more realistic, but forgot to change all in-game references to the time the player must attack Turntable. As a result, they tweaked the game to make the sun look like an eclipse.[1]
  • Numerous underground SAM launchers would have appeared in the mission, surrounding Turntable in a circular fashion. Their appearance did not take place because of hardware constraints involving the missiles' algorithms and the maximum number of missiles in the game.[citation needed]


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