Visiting Hours is the sixteenth mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. It is the second mission of the Operation Alphaville branch.


We must destroy the geothermal plant. Rebel geothermal power plant confirmed on Rocky Island. The energy produced here is being used to power the defenses around their stronghold, Saint Ark. The massive power plant goes by the name Turntable. Its surrounding airspace is guarded by anti-aircraft artillery, and the access to the facility is blocked off by a thick barrier. This will be a joint operation with the Allied landing ship, Petral Coost. Petral Coost will arrive via water and dock near the geothermal power plant. They will attempt to open the barrier from the outside. Scarface Squadron, you are to protect the troops from enemy attack while they work. After they open the barrier, you'll enter the facility and destroy the plant from the inside. You have limited time to complete this mission. You only get one shot at this. Be mindful of your surroundings. [1]


The mission's initial objective is to escort Petral Coost to the shore, protecting it from enemy attack. Once Petral Coost deploys ground units, several enemy tanks and vehicles will appear to engage them. These are primary targets and must be destroyed before the ground forces can continue. Once the ground forces open the plant's barrier, the player has 90 seconds to enter the tunnel and destroy the plant from the inside. Destroying the plant completes the mission.

Enemy Lists

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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S Rank

Finish the mission with 6000 points or more.


The geothermal power plant Turntable has been destroyed. You did very well performing in conjunction with Allied troops. Good job, Scarface Squadron. Thanks to the interruption in the enemy's energy supply, the radar network surrounding Saint Ark has been heavily impaired. We're just days away from invading Saint Ark. Be ready for it, Phoenix[1]