Voslage, formerly the Republic of Voslage, is a state in eastern Erusea. It is neighboured by the former Grand Duchy of Shilage and other unknown Erusean states.[2]

Due to its proximity to Shilage, the citizens of Voslage often collaborated and became interdependent.[3] Many citizens of Voslage desired for their nation to become independent from Erusea.[2][4][5]


Early history (–2005)

At some point in its history, the Republic of Voslage was annexed by the expanding Federal Republic (later Kingdom) of Erusea,[6] turning it into a member state. The Erusean language then replaced the Voslagian language, and as a result, only older generations understand it, creating a communication barrier with the younger generations.[1]

Voslage was temporarily occupied by the Independent State Allied Forces after they defeated Erusea in the Continental War, yet it still remained an Erusean state.[7]

Lighthouse War (2019)

On September 19, 2019, Osean and Erusean forces simultaneously destroyed countless communications satellites, plunging Usea into chaos as multiple factions began vying for power. Amidst the chaos, the Republic of Voslage took this opportunity to declare its independent.[8]

On October 24, Voslagian members of Sol Squadron were stationed at Shilage Castle when Strider Squadron began bombarding emplacements across Shilage. Once Strider reached the castle, Sol took off to defend the nation. While in combat, Mihaly A. Shilage arrived and ordered the Voslagian pilots to retreat.[2]

AC7 Coalition Attack

Sol aircraft (left) alongside Osean and Erusean squadrons

On October 31, the Voslagian Air Force's Sol Squadron joined the Osean-Erusean coalition in order to destroy the remaining Arsenal Bird and ultimately end the Lighthouse War. Following the Arsenal Bird's destruction, two ADF-11F RAVENs entered the airspace and inflicted substantial damage to the coalition forces, forcing them to retreat to the Admiral Andersen.[9] The following day, Sol assisted Trigger in shooting down both drones.[10]

Postwar (2019–)

During the Lighthouse War, multiple states declared their independence from Erusea and still desired to remain independent after the war's conclusion.[11] It is presumed Voslage is among these states.



The Republic of Voslage was known to have supported an aerial warfare branch known as the Voslagian Air Force.[12]


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