"[Drone fighters] are what the Voslagian Air Force should be fighting against."

The Voslagian Air Force, also known as the Voslage Air Force, was the aerial warfare branch of the former Republic of Voslage. It later served as the aerial warfare branch of the self-proclaimed independent nation of Shilage during the Lighthouse War.[2]


During the 1900s, the Republic of Voslage was annexed by the then expanding Federal Republic (now Kingdom) of Erusea,[3] resulting in its aerial forces being transferred to the Erusean Air Force.[4]

Following Operation Giant's Step, the Usean continent was thrown into chaos, and multiple factions split off from the Erusean military. Natives of Shilage returned to the state and declared its independence. Shilage's de facto military was formed from officers and personnel native to Voslage.[2]

On October 24, 2019, Strider Squadron entered Shilage airspace in an effort to capture the supplies within Shilage Castle. Multiple Volsagian Air Force squadrons moved to intercept, however, were shot down.[2]

One week later, Sol Squadron joined the Osean-Erusean coalition which helped destroy the final Arsenal Bird.[1] On November 1, Sol aided Trigger in shooting down Hugin and Munin around the International Space Elevator.[5]


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