Waldemarr Rald was a Belkan politician and an influential member of the Democratic Liberal Party (DLP), a political party that held majority power in Belka throughout the early 1990s. Rald was the leader and namesake of the DLP's internal Rald Faction.


Early life[]

Details concerning Rald's life and early political career remain unknown. At some point, he became a member of Belka's Democratic Liberal Party, a minority party within the national government. Throughout Belka's economic crisis during the 1980s, Rald and his fellow DLP members were outspokenly critical of the ruling party's efforts to end the crisis by selling Belkan territory to neighboring nations.[1]

Rise to power[]

The ruling establishment's reputation was further tarnished in 1991 after the Five Great Lakes Resource Exploration Company was discovered to have been manipulated by Osea in order to destabilize Belka's economy.[1] The resulting political backlash allowed Rald and the populist DLP to win majority control of the government in the following election.[2]

Belkan exceptionalism[]

At some point in the early 1990s, Rald formed his own subgroup, known as the "Rald Faction", within the DLP. It can be assumed that his faction's vehement nationalism and militarism were a reflection of Rald's personal ideologies, which he likely advocated throughout his political career. Although it is unknown how much sway Rald and his faction held within the DLP, in later March 1995, the government authorized the invasion of Ustio and other neighboring countries, marking the beginning of the Belkan War.[2]

By June 1995, the Belkan Army was in retreat, and the Allied Forces controlled most of South Belka. Refusing to allow foreigners to enter Belka's historic birthplace, Nord Belka, the DLP-led government authorized the detonation of seven nuclear warheads along the Waldreich Mountains on June 6, 1995.[3][4] It is unknown to what extent, if any, Rald participated in the ensuing peace negotiations. The resulting territorial reparations imposed by Osea were likely a significant blow to Rald and the nationalistic DLP.

AWWNB involvement and impeachment[]

Sometime after Belka's surrender, Rald and his faction began backing the militant rebel organization known as "A World With No Boundaries", likely in a bid to gain political power and wreak havoc within Belka's enemies. When his connections to the terrorist group were discovered in 1996, Rald and his faction were exiled from the DLP,[5][6] effectively ending his political career.